Leadership nominations still accepted by chamber

The Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce is still accepting nominations in several leadership categories for the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce Citizen's Award Banquet, which will be held Feb. 2 at the Joseph Community Center.

Get a nomination form at the chamber office or contact the chamber at 426-4622.

Boise doles out safety pay

As it has in the past several years, Boise Building Solutions, Wood Products recently distributed nearly $115,000 to its northeastern Oregon and Idaho employees as part of the company's safety program. As of Nov. 30, the safety incident rate for Boise's northeastern Oregon region was 3.49, which compares very favorably to an industry-wide rate of 12.1 for the year 2000.

In the past eight years, Boise in this area has halved their 1994 rate of 6.92 by ending this safety year at 3.49.

Employees have received up to $200 per worker, based on each facility's safety record. The money was recently distributed in the form of personal credit cards and thus can be utilized at any location where MasterCard is accepted. Boise representatives noted they were pleased to be able to reward their employees in this manner, especially knowing that a large portion of the $114,529 payout will be spent locally during this holiday season.

Boise employs over 800 workers in northeastern Oregon, including over 20 Wallowa County residents.

Fourteen seniors have January birthdays

According to the Community Connection newsletter for January fourteen Wallowa County seniors have their birthdays in the month of January.

Five of the fourteen have their birthdays in the final two days of the month.

Those with January birthdays are Faye Cornwell and Orval Landers on the 2nd of the month, Vivian Fields on the 4th, Lucy Sharp on the 9th, Wanda DeJean on the 11th, Juanita Huff on the 12th, Ruth Thompson on the 14th, Sam Stephenson on the 21st, and Clarann Witty on the 23rd.

With birthdays on the final two days of the month were Leona McGrath and Grace Moores on the 30th and Lois Cowan, Harold Ball and Eva Dern on the 31st.

Motorists reminded to yield to all emergency vehicles

Trooper Seth Cooney of the Oregon State Police is issuing a reminder to all motorists that under Oregon law they must get out of the way of emergency vehicles when their sirens are sounding or lights flashing.

Under the Special Safety Measures section of the Oregon Vehicle Code, a motorist is subject to penalty if an emergency vehicle or ambulance approaches and the vehicle the person is operating does not do all of the following:

- Yield the right of way to the ambulance or emergency vehicle.

- Immediately drive to a position as near as possible and parallel to the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway clear of any intersection.

- Stop and remain in such position until the emergency vehicle or ambulance has passed.

Cooney said that the offense is a Class B traffic infraction and subject to a $175 fine. It can also be life-threatening.

"We're really experiencing a problem with emergency response vehicles. Basically people are not yielding and allowing emergency vehicles to pass.

He said in a recent serious accident emergency vehicles "were held up because people would not get out of the way. Sometimes a matter of minutes can mean a life," he said.

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