No citations or disciplinary action will be taken against either law enforcement officer involved in the Nov. 11 crash between an Enterprise police cruiser and a Wallowa County Sheriff Office sport-utility vehicle, Police Chief Wes Kilgore and Wallowa County Undersheriff Steve Rogers said Tuesday, Dec. 14.

"The officer had the legal right to do what he did. He did nothing illegal. Both were justified in their actions," Kilgore said.

"It is almost not possible for a police officer to commit a traffic violation when on duty," Rogers added.

The Oregon State Police accident report indicates that Enterprise police officer George Kohlhepp failed to yield the right-of-way when he made a U-turn on Highway 82 just outside Enterprise city limits while in pursuit of a speeder he'd clocked at 86 mph. Kohlhepp made the turn in front of Deputy Kevin McQuead, who reportedly was traveling at about 50 mph when he struck the city cruiser. The report also indicates that both officers voluntarily submitted a drug screening urinalysis after the accident showing that neither was under the influence of illegal drugs.

Both officers were injured and transported to Wallowa Memorial Hospital and both vehicles were total losses.

Kohlhepp was knocked unconscious during the accident but was not seriously injured and was able to return to duty.

McQuead suffered a back injury and is due for a magnetic resonance imaging scan this week to determine whether he will require surgery. He has not returned to duty and will be off for at least the next month as he recovers, Rogers said.

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