North End News: Good-natured mummies and a call for stories

Students at Troy School got into the spirit of things during Halloween. Submitted photo by Dave Flynn

Let's start off with some good news: Bud Johnson is resting at his home in Troy after a bad fall that broke his hip in four places. He was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital in Lewiston where he spent a few days following the repair to his hip. Bud, you are one tough old bird and everyone is betting on you to have a good recovery.

Conni Curry reports the Halloween party at the little green schoolhouse was a whopping success, as evidenced by the wild costumed students. In addition to playing pin the wart on the witch, wrap the mummy and other games all present gorged on pizza. Thanks to Mrs. Haggard and Deputy Bob for playing the good natured mummies.

The bake sale sold out and now everybody has added a couple of inches to their waist lines or has goodies stashed in their freezers for the holidays. Marilyn Hughes helped make the bake sale a success and bought all the students lunch.

The school also received a copy of the Oregonian Educational insert sponsored by the Oregon Geographic Alliance an affiliate of the National Geographic Association. The insert features lessons on Lewis and Clark prepared by teachers who attended last summer's institute. Curry was a contributor and her lesson is on page 17. Congratulations to Conni.

Hunters report the elk have been pretty elusive up on the benches, but our resident hunters have done well enough to have meat in their freezers for the oncoming winter. The leaves have fallen and the cows have come down, so bundle up and make sure your propane tanks are full and the wood bins stacked. The fishing has also been good, so with the veggies and fruit put up just build a good fire, grab a good book and relax.

The students and teachers had a good visit at the Forest Center in Enterprise along with a great lunch over in Joseph. What a lively active bunch of people we have down by the Wenaha and Grande Ronde River. Lucky are the kids who grow up in the wilderness. With good teachers and use of the Internet and trips to the outside our kids have the best of both worlds.

A special thanks to the school board who give their time and interest to keep the whole setup intact. And bless the townspeople who support and encourage the children to learn and grow with appreciation for their town and school.

I received notice from Susan Polumsky that I was appointed to the Library Board and am receiving bulletins about the programs offered. More on this later.

I had e-mail contact and a phone call from Rene Challis, who seems to be doing well and making adjustment to her new life. Best wishes to her and her family. We miss her cheerful presence.

Marilyn Hughes and Stephanie Haggard attended a leather show conducted on the weekend of Nov. 6-7 over at Pendleton. I've asked Marilyn to tell us more about her projects. She makes very beautiful chaps such as the rodeo queens and attendants wear, plus other western items. She is always so busy I doubt if she finds time to sleep.

Happy holidays to the Graham brothers and Marie Edwards, who contribute so much to the community of Troy.

Thank goodness the election is over for another four years. Our dish went out at the height of the commotion and we kept the boom box on old tunes, western music and Mexican broadcasts.

Keep in touch: you can reach me 24/7 at I would like to be kept current on grange news, birthdays, weddings, births, etc.

In future columns I hope to touch on a very current subject: water, and would appreciate stories of the North End: settlers, family history, etc.

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