North End News: Mystery of wacky phone machine solved

Wanda Morgan Correspondent

Some things don't change. As a newlywed in my 20s, whenever Mary Ellen Maxey, my mother-in-love, was scheduled to visit our small apartment located over a garage in a blue collar neighborhood everything was stripped, pummeled, washed, waxed: refrigerator stocked and fresh flowers carefully arranged in all three rooms.

My daughter Robbin and her husband Fred are coming so here we go again. As I do the daily mop-up I dig into cupboards, dust bookcases and sweep the ceilings for cobwebs. No, I'm not trying to impress my friend and daughter. She knows me too well. It's just our time together is precious, better spent in ways other than cleaning.

Meanwhile our men, both ex-Navy, will do their thing. With the backhoe prominent in the yard chances are Fred will learn which levers do what. He also gets a kick out of watching for snakes, cougars, and other wild life.

Meanwhile the North End is filled with hunters. First came the bow hunters, then the various seasons. The elk have disappeared and we are concerned about a small herd of deer that take refuge on our posted land. Fish and Wildlife land adjoins ours. Throughout the winter the deer and elk are fed. Unfortunately these animals become people friendly - not a good thing this time of year.

Hey, I keep forgetting to tell you there is a bumper crop of wild plums along the Redmond Grade and lots of Rose Hips for yummy pink jelly. Our orchard is bursting with pears, apples and plums.When I finish typing this I plan to load some up and leave them down at Shilo. Howard intended these trees to feed his friends so I respect his legacy.

This winter I will consult the seed catalogs and plan an old fashioned kitchen garden with loads of lettuce, beans, tomatoes and maybe okra.

Thanks to Mary Gibbs for reading one of my columns to Renee Challis on the phone. Renee is recuperating from surgery and enjoyed hearing about her friends in the wilderness.

Everyone's invited to the big doings in Flora. There will be a Potluck/Dance at the Grange Hall on Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. Bring your musical instruments and join Bob Courtney to celebrate his 80th birthday.

At the Murrill family place where all the RVs park, Loran is building a rock fence. Closeby at Dan and Vanessa Thompson's home there are a pair of beautiful draft horses grazing.

Thanks to our readers who have helped me very much by supplying items. E-mail me at, or after 6:30 p.m. in the evenings call 541-828-7898. The mystery about the out-of-control answering machine has been solved. The machine formerly answered Robbin's phone and through a glitch switched itself to her message instead of Jim's. We unplugged it.

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