Happy Birthday Bud Johnson. At the age of 98, Sept. 30 is your day. Whatever you are doing, it is working. We hope you have many more birthdays.

It is hard to believe it is October and we still haven't had much rain. I know it has to be on its way soon because I look out my front window and see snow on the mountains - so I know it has to be our turn soon.

The hunters and fishermen are here and it looks like they are doing pretty good. There are a few deer hanging in the camps up on the Eden Bench and the 62 road. I am sure we will see the hunt last until Oct. 10. I have seen a few steelhead caught by the Old Troy bridge, but it seems like most of the fishermen are between the new bridge and the Oregon-Washington line. Good luck to you all.

Troy School will host an open house and potluck on Friday, Oct. 5, at 6 p.m., to welcome our new students and their families to Troy. It is a community event, so come join us. Please bring your favorite dish. Also we will be choosing a T-shirt design for our project to bring more families with children to Troy.

Troy school will be starting off the month of October with piano lessons for our third and fourth grade students. We had to get the old piano tuned up, as it had been awhile. It's not easy to get someone out to Troy to tune a piano, but we got lucky and Severance Piano Service from Clarkston, Wash., decided it might make a nice Sunday outing to travel down to Troy. Thank you.

We have two animal-bird sightings, both from Leslie and Randy Labbe, who have a home in Troy. One was a beautiful bobcat, seen along the river coming out of their place, and a very small owl - one that they were not familiar with - so if anyone knows what kinds of owls we have in this area, please drop me a e-mail and I will pass it on.

We are so lucky to live in an area where, everyplace you look, there is something wild and beautiful.

Art Cannon had a little eye surgery last week. He is at home and doing well.

Don't forget to drop in and check out a book at the library.

Have a great week!

Marilyn Hughes is the Chieftain's North End correspondent. She may be reached at 541-377-3815 or via e-mail at mhughes204@hotmail.com.

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