Northon murder case inspires book

"Heart Full of Lies" by true crime writer Ann Rule has just been published. It is set partially in Wallowa County.

"Heart Full of Lies," a hardbound book by best selling true crime writer Ann Rule, is now on the shelves of Wallowa County book stores.

Rule's book goes behind the scenes of the shooting of Hawaiian Airlines pilot Chris Northon in the Shady campground in Lostine Canyon by his wife, Liysa Northon. He was killed in October of 2000, and she went on trial in the Wallowa County Courthouse for his murder in July of 2001. In the middle of the trial her computer ,which had been reported stolen months before Chris Northon's death, resurfaced. She subsequently pleaded guilty to intentional manslaughter, and is now serving a 12-year prison term.

Liysa Northon claims that her husband was violent and abusive, and that she shot him to save herself and her two children.

In her book Rule disputes the "battered woman" story, and her character study of Liysa Northon is far from flattering. The story jumps from Hawaii and Bend, where the Northons had homes and divided their time, to Wallowa County where Chris Northon was killed and Liysa Northon tried.

There are no definite plans for Ann Rule to come to the county in the near future. At the present time she is back east promoting "Heart Full of Lies," and appeared on CBS's Morning Show onTuesday of this week.

"It's definitely a best-seller here," said Bookloft owner Mary Swanson of Rule's new book. "It's even above Dr. Atkins."

The book is also being sold in Joseph by the Joseph Bookstore, with owner Tom Hutchison calling it "pretty harrowing" reading.

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