The Boise Cascade Corporation has been awarded a $37,771 grant from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Access and Habitat Program to hire a technician to patrol the Sled Springs Management Demonstration Area and allow public hunting to continue.

Located just northwest of the town of Wallowa, the Sled Springs Management Demonstration Area covers approximately three townships. Of that, 107,000 acres are owned and managed by Boise Cascade. Under a cooperative agreement with ODFW and the Oregon State Police, Boise Cascade opens those lands to public hunting. In return, ODFW helps manage hunter activity in the area and the Oregon State Police provides law enforcement.

A technician funded by this grant will work seven months to help document elk travel and habitat use patterns, and patrol the area during hunting seasons to prevent violations, post road closure signs, maintain locked gates and collect hunter harvest data.

The Sled Springs MDA offers some of Oregon's highest quality elk hunting. Last year more than 1,100 hunters pursue big game there.

The Access and Habitat Program has been funding this project since 1995.

In addition to the Access and Habitat Program grant, Boise Cascade is contributing $77,770 towards the project. ODFW is contributing $11,576 and the Oregon State Police is providing $3,700.

Created by the Oregon Legislature in 1993, the A&H Program is funded by a $2 surcharge on hunting licenses. Funds raised by the program are distributed through grants to individual and corporate landowners, conservation organizations, and others for cooperative wildlife habitat improvement and hunter access projects throughout the state.

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