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In 1918 most farming equipment still depended very much on horse power, as this ad from the July 1918 Record Chieftain suggests.

Hackbarth Begins Theater Building

Enterprise Record Chieftain, Thursday, July 18, 1918

Modern structure in West Main Street Also To Have Storerooms.

Work on the construction of A. Hackbarth’s new building on Main Street between the Enterprise State bank and the J.C. Penny company store began yesterday. The basement was excavated in the early spring.

The building will have a front of 60 feet and a depth of 110 feet going thru to the alley. The walls will be of reinforced concrete, with a front elevation of 32 feet, of ornamental concrete. There will be two stores on the street and a barber shop equipped with baths and thoroly modern in all respects.

The main part of the structure will be devoted to a theater which will take up a space of 42 feet wide by 110 feet long and will seat upwards of 500 persons. The floor will be sloping, running up over the stores at the front. This is a new idea in theater construction just brought from the east. The street entrance will lead up an incline, taking patrons to the middle of the room. Turning backward, they ascend another incline, taking them to the highest part over the stores. Going forward, they descend to the front of the room, which, of course, is lowest in front of the stage.

The theater will be suited to either moving pictures or speaking productions. For the latter, there will be a stage loft 50 feet high from basement to ceiling, and there will be dressing rooms in the basement. Seats will be upholstered, and the bulding will be heated by steam.

John Oberg has the contract for the structural part of the building, and for part of the carpenter work. As Mr. Hackbarth has been in the business of selling building materials, he will supply much of what is used in the structure.

Mr Hackbarth has sold the lumber in his Enterprise lumber yard to the Southwestern Lumber company, and will retire from that business. He expects to put the lot to other purposes.

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