OK Theater HISTORIC 2 advertisement

Ads for health tonic were popular in the late Fall and early winter of 1918 as people sought to defend themselves against the influenza outbreak.

December 19, 1918.

New OK Theater finished, to open when flu permits.

J.A. Van Wie is here from Portland attending to opening the new O.K. Theater as soon as the influenza ban is lifted. The house is practically done. The walls are decorated, wiring is complete, picture machines are on hand, and the chairs are in the building ready to be set up. The house could be opened in three days time, if the finishing work were to be crowded. But it is being done more slowly because of the delay due to the epidemic.

It is hoped by Mr. van Wie that the disease will have passed after the holidays so that the new house can open. But he will not think of this until the health authoriites tell him that it is safe to start up.

One of the small rooms in the new building will be occupied by a barber shop which W.I. Calvin will open as a branch. It will be in charge of Fred Lamberson, who is now at the original Calvin shop opposite the court house.

The other small room is now occupied by George A. Hillstrom for his new steam fitting and plumbing business. He also has a large storage and work room in the basement which is very conveniently reached from his office and salesroom.

Fred H. Cole and Son have an office for their new Enterprise Transfer Line in the same room with Mr. Hillstrom.

The large storeroom west of the theater proper is not rented yet. The entire building is heated by steam from a large and well installed plant in the basement.

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