OK Theater 4 Movie and Whale meat

As the OK Theater began showing movies on Sunday afternoon, the local meat market offered unusual and, to us today, appalling products: Whale meat.

Enterprise Record Chieftain Thursday February 13, 1919.

Theatre will open Sunday afternoons.

Management of New House Believes the People Will Approve In Enterprise.

Sunday afternoon picture shows will be started in the O.K. theater the coming Sunday with “Pershing's Crusaders", a United States Government film. J.A. Van Wie, manager of the house, decided on this course after hearing all sides of the question. The petition asking for the opening of the show was signed by many more persons since it was presented to the council last week, and Mr. Van Wie felt satisfied that a large portion of the community favored the change.

He was advised that there was no state law against opening places of amusement on Sunday, and that no city has the authority to enforce an ordinance to that effect. In western Oregon, several cities passed such ordinances, and they were held illegal, Mr. Van Wie said. So the reference of the question to the city council is superfluous, he holds.

The showman, however, feels that once the town sees the nature of the productions to be given Sunday, and the manner in which they are put on, and also the patronage, there will be no further thought of opposition. He believes the shows will not lessen attendance at the churches. …. Mr. Van Wie holds that people will be better off seeing good pictures than idling away their time.

For several years the question of opening picture shows Sunday afternoons has been up periodically. Sunday baseball games are common in the summer, but the disposition heretofore has been not to have any indoor amusements or entertainments.

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