Oregon Cattlemen's Association Board of Directors from around the state gathered in Lakeview on Sept. 6-7 to discuss cattle issues and do a "little politicking," according to executive director Glen Stonebrink.

Kevin Mannix was the guest speaker at the Friday night Bar BQ, was joined by about 120 cattlemen and other local folks at the fairgrounds. The Oregon Cattlemen presented Mannix with a $10,000 check for his campaign. Then the crowd came alive by auctioning "one piece" of tri-tip beef over and over again, which raised another $5,000 for the Mannix campaign.

Officer nominations included: Sharon Livingston, treasurer, and four district vice presidents: Tom Price, Pendleton; Trent Stewart, Madras; John Flynn, Lakeview; and Bill Hoyt, Cottage Grove.

A "packer ban" resolution was introduced by Grant and Lane counties. The "packer ban" would prohibit the four largest cattle processing plants from owning cattle longer than 14 days prior to slaughter. Some believe that by banning packers from owning cattle until just prior to slaughter, would help provide for a more competitive and higher market for ranchers profitability. The resolution failed.

Several legislative concepts will be introduced by the Oregon Cattlemen's Association for the next legislative session: forbid the sale of water rights, remove the Gray Wolf from Oregon's endangered species list, classify wolf hybrids as predators, abolish Oregon's ESA, define "non-point source pollution," define "science," and abolish "in-stream water rights."

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