100 years ago

Jan. 6, 1921

At his home on his farm at the head of Butte Creek, John Evans’ flock of 200 – 300 white hens laid 21,986 eggs. The market value of the crop was $1,012.62.

A book shower will be held at the Enterprise public library on Jan. 15. Every patron is asked to give the library one or more good books, or their equivalent in cash.

Midway between Lostine and Wallowa is the longest highway bridge in the county, over the South fork. It crosses the last of the stream in two spans. There is not a great deal of water in the streams in most seasons, but the channel is wide and at times filled by freshets.

The New Year’s eve masquerade ball at the opera house was the crowning social event of the season and the most successful dance of the kind held here in recent years. The five dollar prize in cash was awarded to Mrs. A.R. Thompson, who represented a Japanese lady.

75 years ago

Jan. 3, 1946

Kermit Victor, 26, was arrested and charged with assault and battery following serious injuries suffered by Ed Johnson, proprietor of the Pastime beer parlor in Wallowa. Johnson was attacked when he attempted to stop a fight between two men in the beer parlor.

Damage estimated at $500 — $600 was done to the Bob Inn by a fire which apparently started from a short in the Frigidaire. The fire was discovered by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harmon .

George DuBois, Prairie creek farmer, was painfully and seriously injured at his home when he was run down by his tractor.

The biggest news story of 1945 was, of course, the end of the war, first the surrender of Germany in May and then the end of the war in the Pacific in August. Sixteen Wallowa county boys in the service lost their lives during 1945.

50 years ago

Jan. 7, 1971

An altercation alongside a local highway on New Year’s eve resulted in a charge of assault and battery being filed against an off-duty Enterprise policeman. The charge was filed against Max Greenough by Fred Warnock.

Are timber wolves moving back into Wallowa county? That is the question raised by a report from Mac Andrews of Joseph that he and his wife saw what they firmly believe was a huge wolf on the east moraine hill at Wallowa lake. They saw the “wolf” at a distance of about 100 yards.

Alfred Marion Hays, 96, a retired stockman and pioneer resident, passed away on New Year’s Day. He was born in 1874 in Missouri. He lived in Wallowa county for 94 years with most of his adult life on the Imnaha.

25 years ago

Jan. 4, 1996

The home of Paul and Barbara Kriley, four miles downriver from Imnaha, was destroyed by fire on New Year’s Eve. A nearby shop was saved with the aid of a pumper truck from the Hubbard Ranch and numerous volunteers from the Imnaha community who turned out to help fight the fire.

Someone in Wallowa County may still have in his (or her) possession a lottery ticket worth $100,000. Or he may have thrown it away. A Power Ball ticket worth $100,000 was purchased in Enterprise last spring but the winner has never presented the ticket to claim the prize.

Ken Knifong, Enterprise, is currently convalescing from complications from a broken leg suffered in a logging accident in the McMinnville area Oct. 3.

Hoping to build upon a growing market for locally produced art, a Joseph couple this week opened a ceramics business in downtown Enterprise. Weldon and Dorothy Sachse’s new business is located on N. River Street, in the former home of J & S Economy Drug.

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