May 18, 1922

A fire of unknown origin started in Wolfe’s ice house. This building is in the heart of the business section of Wallowa, and but for the efficient service of the fire department, much damage would have been done.

Frank Cook, who supplies the town with much of its garden truck during the summer, is trying an experiment. He has planted 17 hills of cucumbers and 22 hills of tomatoes, all under the cover of canvas which will remain throughout the summer.

Basketball coach A. B. Amomino invited seven of his high school players to a waffle jamboree last week. They consumed 215 waffles, about 27 for each. The boys were Jordan, Ratcliff, Burnett, Tippett, Lockwood, Clayton and Knapp.


May 22, 1947

Still urgently needed at the hospital are beds, sterilizing machines, new cribs in the nursery, a new floor in the sterilizing room and a nurse’s chart desk. Currently, some of the beds are modern but are entirely unsuited for hospital use. Clothes baskets are being used for cribs in the nursery.

The fair board has set the purses for the races and rodeo contest at the county fair to be held in July. Total money for the races will be $1720. Rodeo prizes total $1800. Work on the fairgrounds track has been completed and work has also started on the new grandstand which will seat 700-800.


May 18, 1972

The Wallowa County Junior Women’s Club‘s community improvement project, the old Chief Joseph gravesite at the foot of Wallowa Lake, which they have been working on for the last ten years, was judged the best such project in Oregon by metropolitan and non-metropolitan women’s clubs.

Caprice Shortridge and Carma Williamson have been chosen from JHS to attend the 31st annual Girls’ State Session at Willamette University in Salem.


May 15, 1997

The only individual award given at the annual EHS art show, the People’s Choice award, went to Naomi Roberts for an untitled oil painting of a woman in a colorful shawl.

WHS alumnus will gather for a night of socializing for the 77th consecutive year. 250-300 people are expected to attend. Alumni secretary-historian Carol Jean Conrad says that the annual event is the longest continuously operating annual affair of its kind in Oregon.

EHS’s stellar art teaching partnership will be split up with the retirement of elementary art teacher Larry Wishart. He was given the “Heart and Soul” award from his brother, high school art teacher Gary Wishart, at the EHS arts award program.

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