Maryanne Spence explains the high-tech features of the new X-ray machine at Wallowa Memorial Hospital in 1996.

100 years ago

June 9, 1921

John Evans and his son, Paul, were seeding on land near their home near Lewis when a brief electric storm came up. The father and son crouched under the bed of their wagon for shelter. A bolt of lightning struck and four of their horses that were tied to the wagon were knocked down and killed. Other than a scorched eyebrow, the two men were not injured.

The Enterprise Electric company has set a new schedule of rates effective July 1. For residential use the minimum will be increased from $1.00 to $1.25 and 100 kilowatts will be increased from the current $5.25 to $6.10.

Wild rumors have been flying regarding the new dam at Wallowa Lake. Investigation has shown every rumor false. It has not broken nor shown a leak. There has been no hint of a defect or fault, or any suggestion of danger. The desired level was attained on Sunday, and the surplus has been carried off by the spillways and gates which were constructed for the purpose.

75 years ago

June 13, 1946

Mrs. Oscar Davis, living on Crow creek, was brought to the hospital Sunday morning, suffering from a bullet wound caused by the accidental discharge of a .22 rifle, in the hands of her husband. The bullet struck Mrs. Davis near the spine on the right side of her body, ranging upward and coming out beneath and in front of her right arm. Her condition is considered quite good.

Loren F. Freels, Wallowa, has been elected to head the newly formed Wallowa American Legion Rifle club which is now chartered by the National Rifle association, guiding body for the rifle and pistol fraternity.

The Shaw variety store opened for business in its attractive and spacious new quarters in the former Keltner and Skaggs building. Many customers thronged the store, one of the drawing cards being nylons, the supply of which was soon exhausted.

50 years ago

June 10, 1971

A 4-year-old Wallowa boy died as the result of a gunshot wound which he sustained while playing in his front yard. A neighbor, Charles Ray Hylton, 47, has been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter. Hylton contended that he shot at a St. Bernard dog that was in the Hylton yard. The shot struck the dog and passed on through the animal and struck the boy, dealing him a mortal blow.

Among the 254 bachelor degrees awarded at Eastern Oregon College in La Grande were diplomas bearing the names of George L. Hall and Aleene Alford of Joseph, Wade S. Magden of Lostine, and Frances M. Canter of Enterprise.

The Wallowa County Jaycees have undertaken a new program of recognition aimed at given due credit to high school students for their accomplishments. Each month the Jaycees will select a “Teenager of the Month” from one of the county high schools. Four youngsters have been selected to represent the first four months of the year. The winners are David Courtney and Judy Salmon of Enterprise, and Mary Brennan and Mona Kay Williamson of Joseph.

25 years ago

June 6, 1996

The Wallowa County Health Care District recently christened its new, state-of-the-art x-ray machine, purchased with interest from a $504,000 bequest from Gladys Coffin in memory of her husband, the late Gwen T. Coffin. The new machine is expected to serve the district well into the 21st century.

The Imnaha Community Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Patty Simpson and Mandy Pace, both of Enterprise. The Doris Goucher Memorial was awarded to Darla Marks of Imnaha.

Wallowa High School is the first school in eastern Oregon to have a dedicated internet line and will be acting as a mail server and has its own “web page”. The school goes through Clackamas ESD to plug into the Internet, which is simply a vast system of information provided by computers throughout the world, all linked together by phone lines.

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