This undated photo is taken on Main Street, Enterprise, across from what is now Main Street Motors.

100 years ago

Oct. 13, 1921

Three gallons of moonshine which had been made for sale to county fair crowds are locked up in the safe of Sheriff F. D. Rinehart. He learned that Joe Bennett had stocked up for fair business and was waiting to meet him when he arrived at Enterprise from Wallowa.

In the presence of a large gathering, the body of Chief Philip McFarland was laid to rest at the foot of Wallowa lake, between the graves of two sons who were buried there. The plan to bury the chief at his old home on Captain John creek was changed when his daughter, Mrs. Nora Harrison, arrived from Lapwai, Idaho.

Seeking to create a community center, Flora school pupils have rented the Wallowa Milling & Grain company warehouse at that town and are using it as a gymnasium and entertainment hall. The idea was suggested by Principal A. D. Hulburd of the school.

75 years ago

Oct. 17, 1946

Bottled milk went up in price yesterday to 17 cents a quart. Previous price was 16 cents a quart.

Capt. John Bornstedt and crew including Jack Wagner made a successful bomb run on the hunting camp of J. R. Wagner and friends. The bomb, which missed the camp by some 30 feet, consisted of mail and papers.

One’s first impression on stepping into the halls of EHS is that of going into the hospital. Four boys, Frank Hays, Mitchell Heasty, Kenneth Jacob and Mack Birkmaier, are hobbling to and fro on crutches and Bill Hays is minus a front tooth and has a cut lip. Not all are football casualties.

50 years ago

Oct. 14, 1971

The Wallowa liquor store was burglarized Friday night. The quantity of liquor taken is not known at this time.

Tina Starns of JHS is at the FFA convention in Kansas City. It was only 3 years ago that the female sex was allowed membership to FFA and it is thought that Tina is the first local gal to make the KC trek.

Tim McDaniel, the familiar #12 on the WHS football offense team, received an injury at last Friday’s game that turned out to be a broken neck. He was flown to Boise for special attention and treatment, and will be returning home with a neck brace that he’s expected to have to wear for five months.

25 years ago

Oct. 10, 1996

The Joseph bank robbery took place exactly 100 years ago, and Joseph townspeople gathered to watch a reenactment of the event. The three bank robbers were played by Cy Fitzhugh, Dave Tucker and Ron Brown.

Thoughts of siting a prison work camp in Wallowa County were officially put to rest when Commissioner Ben Boswell presented a report recommending that the court not apply for a work camp.

The newly-named Midvalley Theatre Company, led by director Kate Loftus, held open auditions for an upcoming production of the comedy “Cheaper By the Dozen”.

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