Enterprise Laundry, located at the site of what is now the DMV. Left to right, Melba Zollman, Mervin Zollman, Patricia Zollman

Enterprise Laundry, located at the site of what is now the DMV. Left to right, Melba Zollman, Mervin Zollman, Patricia Zollman (the remaining four are unidentified).

100 years ago – January 15, 1920

Fire destroyed the home of Mrs. R. W. Bloom early Friday morning. Some articles were saved but they were of small value compared with the heavy loss. When first seen the fire could have been extinguished with a few pails of water. But there was no water in the mains. As has been done frequently, the water was turned off from the city to divert some to the reservoir.

The boxing commission petitioned for by many citizens recently was named this week by Mayor Miller. They will have authority to conduct matches of 10 rounds or less. It is the idea of enthusiasts to have one evening of good boxing a month.

Deaths in 1919 numbered 40, of which 24 were males and 16 were females. The average age at death of the males was 25 years and 7 months; of females it was 40 years.

Few books (149) were added in 1919 to the Carnegie library in Enterprise and the year closed with a total of 3,551 volumes.

70 years ago – January 12, 1950

Frank McCully was named first citizen of Joseph for 1949 by the Joseph chamber of commerce. He was selected for this award because of his many efforts to promote the development of the city through community projects and widespread advertising.

The city of Enterprise has adopted an ordinance setting aside $15,000 from slot machine receipts to purchase a new fire truck. Money for the project is being diverted from the sewer construction fund, which has been built up mostly with slot machine receipts and now stands at $43,792.

This winter the Promise school building has a new aluminum roof on one side, a new woodshed, water fountain and a slide. The children are now having one hot dish each day at lunch with their sandwiches and fruit. Milk is provided by Mrs. Bank’s Guernsey cow at the school barn.

50 years ago – January 15, 1970

Wallowa county residents spent better than $32 per capita the past year for hard liquor, and plunked down a total of $205,992.20 in hard cash to quench their thirst for alcohol.

A plaque commemorating 20 years of service in Wallowa county as a Goodyear tire dealer was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kreizenbeck of Jack’s Tire Service, Enterprise.

Cupid came out second best in the field of romance in Wallowa county during 1969. During the year 29 couples pledged in marriage ceremonies performed in the county, but 32 couples filed petitions in the county for divorce.

Saturday night was a joyous night for Coach Rice and company. The Eagles outclassed the Imbler Panthers 58-29. The stars for Joseph were Doug Sandlin, who was high score man with 15 points, and Dan Stein who was second high with 9 points.

25 years ago – January 12, 1995

A crew from Portland’s KPTV Channel 12 was in Wallowa County last week filming a documentary piece on the Wallowa County Chieftain for its “Northwest Reports” news magazine.

Senator Gordon Smith this week became the first legislator from northeast Oregon to be elected president of the Oregon Senate.

Gary Thiebault and Steve Krieger announced this week that they have entered into an agreement with Ron Yanke to purchase R-Y Timber’s Joseph sawmill.

The staff of U.S. Bank will go to work for Bank of Wallowa County tomorrow when the acquisition of two branch offices is finalized.

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