happy ladies

The Chieftain is unsure of exactly why these ladies are so radiantly happy. We think they might have been waiting on a Chamber of Commerce raffle or give-away prizes or maybe they were winners. We invite our readers to help solve the mystery!

100 years ago – December 11, 1919

There will be no suffering for lack of fuel, as wood is now coming in town in large quantities. Thousands of cords of dry, dead wood are scattered over the ground in the forest at the north, and could be got out and brought to town either on sleds or by rail.

Plans for the Knights of Pythias building, to be erected on Main street just east of the Carnegie library, were advanced to the point where an architect will be engaged at once. This structure will make three public buildings in a group, the library on the corner, the fine new I.O.O.F. lodge hall on the west and the Pythian temple on the east, with the court house across the street.

In spite of the gain in the towns, the school population of the county continues to decrease. The November census shows the smallest number of children since 1914.

70 years ago – December 8, 1949

Mr. and Mrs. Arley Evans have purchased the Swayze jewelry store and have already taken possession.

Neil Marrs reports that prowlers broke into his service station Monday night. A pane of glass was found to have been removed from one of the windows and a few items in the office were disturbed, but nothing of any consequence was found missing. The glass pane removed was only 9.5 by 11.5 inches, indicating that the entrance was probably made by some youngster.

The Ski Club has been busy putting up a tow rope, and working on a cabin, which club members will use at the course. Tom Bales and boys are still clearing timber to make more room for skiing.

The Joseph public schools are being severely taxed for room. Increasing school enrollments necessitate the use of every available classroom. There are 48 more children on the school census this year than last year, and a further increase is in sight for next year. This increase is said to be due primarily to the bumper crop of “war babies” born six and seven years ago. The Oregon Education Association reveals that current estimates indicate Oregon pupil enrollments will double in the next ten years and require about twice our present teaching staff and number of classrooms.

50 years ago – December 11, 1969

Icy streets were instrumental in an accident in which a car driven by District Attorney William Kirby collided with the State Police car driven by officer D. A. Nelson. The accident occurred on Depot street in Enterprise.

There was a good turnout at the Chamber of Commerce drawing at the Safeway parking lot. Chamber president Jerry Weaver estimated the crowd at over 200 persons. Those whose names were drawn and collected their $25 prizes were: Chuck Willis, Ruth Fleming, Leona Warnock and Effie Hale.

Dave Dummer of the Dummer Pharmacy in Joseph has just had the work completed on converting his storefront to the style of the old west. A number of other businesses in Joseph are planning to follow this example and perhaps change the atmosphere of the entire town to that of the 1800’s.

In the District 13 “Make It Yourself With Wool” fashion show and contest held in La Grande the top winning Senior Division contestant was Leitha Hamilton of Wallowa.

25 years ago – December 8, 1994

Boise Cascade Corporation has purchased an estimated 7 million board feet of logs at R-Y Timber’s sawmill in Joseph and an unspecified amount of standing timber on 22,000 acres of R-Y’s forest lands.

Enterprise girls coach Mike Crawford likes what he sees in his team this year, and he’s guardedly optimistic as the (basketball) season gets underway. Ten of the players on the roster were varsity level players last year. Only three – Patti Simpson, Jozie Hrenchir, and Marjie Sackett – are seniors.

In a game Tuesday at Wallowa, the hosting Cougars opened their season with a 53-34 defeat of the Joseph Eagles. Clint Johnson and Chris Lewis scored 13 apiece for Wallowa, while Travis Jones added 12. Brent Latta managed nine points for the Eagles.

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