football contest winner

The first Chieftain Football Contest winner, Scott Burwell, receiving his winnings from Harold Marcum, September 1978

100 years ago – December 4, 1919

Without any special soliciting, the service men of the county have been coming in day after day to the Chief Joseph post of the American legion. By spring it is believed the roster will go to 250 members or more.

As a result of the coal strike, all the fuel in the hands of the dealers has been sold. As wood also is scarce owing to the burning of the East Oregon mill, the Wallowa Milling & Grain company has contracted for 1,000 cords to be cut at once on Alder Slope. The company will open a wood yard and endeavor to keep a supply of this fuel on hand.

A new Sled Springs hotel, to take the place of the one burned early in May last year, will be erected at once by Wallace C. Pratt, contractor on the Flora-Paradise mail route. It will be an adaptation of the better class bunk houses at modern lumber camps and will house many men economically and comfortably, without any display. The hotel will be of value to the stage drivers also, as horses for their change can be kept there, properly tended.

70 years ago – December 1, 1949

Several hundred Wallowa people had their first glimpse of the interior of the new grade school building when “open house” was held Tuesday. The entire building, including six classrooms, two lavatories, an office, a health room, storage room and hallway were open for public inspection. The walls are tinted pastel green with a nice contrast in the light, brown stain of the woodwork.

Advertisement: To relax comfortably, it’s the Caton Hotel. “Not a mouse on the premises”.

Fines of $15 and costs were assessed recently against R.E. Stivers and Jim Coyle, on charges of operating games of chance – punch boards. Slot machines, still running in some places, have not been molested.

The curtain will go up Friday night to open the two-night stand of “Laff It Off”, the local talent show. This fun-fest, which is said to be the closest thing to television to come to Enterprise, will raise funds for the Veterans building and youth center to be erected on the lot adjoining the present American Legion hall.

50 years ago – December 4, 1969

Sgt. Bryan O. Stockdale has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroism in combat with the Green Berets in Vietnam.

The Enterprise FFA Sweetheart contest was held last week with a large audience watching as contestants were put through the paces in “farm mechanics”, consisting of speed in putting on coveralls, starting engines, tractor driving, sawing boards, hammering nails and speaking on the “advantages of the acetylene torch on the modern farm”. Winner of the contest was Debra Warnock, senior. She will represent the FFA as their sweetheart throughout the coming year.

The familiar pattern of patients overflowing the facilities at Wallowa Memorial Hospital and being placed in the TV room and other temporary quarters was evident again this week. Yesterday 33 patients were registered.

Boy Scout Troop 557 Joseph held a Court of Honor at the Scout Lodge in Joseph. Leland Daggett led in the award department. Harry Teilmann, Fred Ebel and Vince Noughton of Boise Cascade forestry department were there and presented the Troop with a check in payment for a tree-thinning project they had done for the company.

25 years ago – December 1, 1994

The Oregon Public Utility Commission has gone on record as opposing Idaho Northern and Pacific’s plan to abandon the single railroad line that serves Wallowa County.

The 4-H Radio Auction held Nov. 19 raised $5,058.50. There were 333 items donated by Wallowa and Union county merchants and citizens to help support the 4-H program, and a total of 127 bidders.

Oregonians new to telecommunications and high tech experts will meet together at regional meetings around the state, looking for ways to make sure their home towns are not bypassed by the information superhighway.

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