The annual 4-H Spring Livestock Judging Contest was held this year at the completion of swine weigh-ins at the Wallowa County fairgrounds Saturday, May 2.

A hot dog lunch, hosted by the Crazy H's 4-H Livestock Club, was enjoyed by over 60 4-H members, parents and supporters prior to the Livestock Judging contest.

There were 34 4-H members participating in the judging contest.

Members judged two classes of pigs (provided by the Miller family), a class of market lambs and a class of ewes (provided by Kane and Nancy Maasdam), heifer class from Todd Nash and a steer class (provided by the Warnock families).

Todd Nash was the official judge for the contest and helped the members understand what to look for when judging livestock.

Savannah Nobles, a first year junior member, excelled as the high scoring individual, with 274 points out of a possible 300.

Intermediates - The top five scorers in the intermediate division were: Stephanie Simpson (266), Christina Matthews (258), Damon Greenshields (258), Matthew Staigle (256) and Emily Ketscher (254). Other Intermediates judging included: Cody Arbogast , Landra Skovlin, Sarah Kunkle, Glen Spang, Thomas Matthews, Cody Hopkins, Hayley Riggs, Jared Leckey, Erik Hogg, Emily Spang, McKenna Miller.

Juniors - The highest scoring junior members (grades 5-6, who have shown before) were: Joshua Leckey (260), Lars Skovlin (256), Will McCadden (244), Emma Carlsen (238) and Nikolai Christoffersen (235). Other Juniors participating were: Daniel Kohlhepp, Kurt Norton, Robbie DeVore and Anna Rinehart.

First Year Juniors - The top first-year junior division judges were: Savannah Nobles (274), Darby Gassett (260), Zoe Salada (259), Cody Irish (258) and Coby Ketscher (257). Other first year members participating were: Reagan Bedard, Raymond Seal, Elizabeth Matthews, Jess Leckey, Clayne Miller and Johnelle Suto.

4-H members will be able to utilize their judging skills at Eastern Oregon Livestock Show in June and the Wallowa County Fair in August.

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