Lab results show that a dead Wenaha Pack wolf pup recently found had died as a result of parvovirus. The carcass of the pup was discovered by ODFW on July 30 while staff was conducting routine surveys.

This marks the second wolf death attributed to parvovirus in Oregon. The first was a 55-pound female yearling, also from the Wenaha pack, discovered in May 2013. Other apparently healthy pups were observed when the carcass of the pup was found on July 30, so the extent of the disease within this pack is unknown.

ODFW notes that parvovirus outbreaks have been documented in wolf populations throughout the western United States. In some areas parvovirus has caused short term declines in wolf populations by reducing the number of surviving pups. Long-term effects of the disease are less understood, but are generally not expected to threaten overall conservation of the species (though it may reduce the rate of population growth).

ODFW staff will continue to monitor survival of the remaining pups as the year progresses.

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