Two daughters of Irving M. "Bud" Feldkamp, a part owner of a ranch on the Lostine River, along with their families, were among victims of the single-engine plane crash in Butte, Mont., that killed 14 people - seven adults and seven children - Sunday, according to Enterprise attorney Rahn Hostetter.

"He is a friend of mine. It's hard to get your head around a friend losing most of his family," Hostetter told the Chieftain Monday morning.

Those who died in the plane crash were all residents of California.

They included the Feldkamp daughters, Amy Jacobson, 34, of St. Helena, Calif., and Dr. Vanessa Pullen, 37, of Lodi, Calif; the daughter's husbands, Dr. Erin Jacobson, 36, and Dr. Michael Pullen, 39; the Jacobsons' children, Ava, age 3, Taylor, 4, and Jude, 1; and the Pullens' children, Sydney, 9, and Christopher, 7.

Also dead in the tragedy are the pilot, Ellison (Bud) Summerfield, 65; and family friends, Dr. Brent Ching, 37, and Kristen Ching, 31, of Durham, Calif., and their children, Caleb, 3, and Hailey, 5.

The Pilatus PC 12 turboprop plane that crashed Sunday, en route from California was registered to Eagle Cap Leasing, Inc., in Enterprise. Hostetter is the attorney and registered agent for the closely held Subchapter S Oregon corporation, which was incorporated in 1992.

Feldkamp is president and director of the company, which owns and leases various vehicles, according to Hostetter. However, Eagle Cap does not lease or charter the plane involved in the Montana tragedy. It had seven shareholders, including crash casualties Amy Jacobson and Vanessa Pullen. Hostetter said he had been receiving many calls from national news organizations, since his number and address is listed on the registration.

Hostetter said that Feldkamp, and his wife, Pam, were driving to Montana to meet their daughters and grandchildren for a family ski vacation when the plane crashed. They were in Butte following the crash, as was another good friend of the Feldkamps from Wallowa County, Steve Krieger.

Hostetter said that Feldkamp family members visit the Lostine River Ranch "a lot," and in fact their son was in Lostine last week In all the Feldkamps had one son and three daughters.

Feldkamp is a dentist and businessman with headquarters in Redlands, Calif. Among other business interests, he owns Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernadino, Calif. He has been part owner of the Lostine River Ranch since the mid-1990s; co-owner is Michael Gaughan, who also owns the South Point hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

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