The approval to erect a log home on the northwest moraine of Wallowa Lake was endorsed by the Wallowa County Planning Commission last Tuesday night. The proposal had been under consideration since the summer of 2001.

The log home will be the property of Paul Comrie of Comrie Chevrolet in Pendleton. Comrie owns 2.6 acres of land in an R-2 (residential and recreational) zone. The commission approved the application with conditions that included excavation areas be returned to a one to one slope, 45 degrees, to minimize the amount of soil disturbance during construction.

Planning Director Bill Oliver suggested additional conditions which included the signing of a waiver to relieve the county from any unforeseen liabilities, the obtaining of a legal easement for the driveway into the house and providing the county with a work plan with costs included to ensure that the project was feasible for the owner.

One concern voiced at the hearing was the fear of large boulders being dislodged during construction and possibly damaging property or persons downhill. It was agreed during discussions that a retaining wall might be erected to prevent such an occurance. Commissioner Rick Hanson thought, with the equipment already on the site, that prevention of boulder escape and boulder restabilization would not take much time or effort.

Speaking in behalf of Comrie were attorney Mike Robinson and engineer Alicia Glassford. Robinson verified that residential zones are exempted from Goal 5 considerations and Glassford, a long time Forest Service employee who also maintains her own engineering business called Andrus Associates, testified that the soil type would remain stable on a one to one slope.

Entered into the official record was one letter from seven adjoining landowners. Their concerns were addressed by the conditions of approval, said Oliver.

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