Spurred by a request from a parent to allow a student to participate in a sport at another school, Principal John Nesemann of the Wallowa school district gave a presentation March 14 to his school board regarding cooperative sports programs.

The liklihood of Wallowa participating in a cooperative sports program was not high prior to his presentation and was not enhanced by his talk.

Nesemann shared information he had received from the Oregon Schools Athletic Association (OSAA) on its overriding philosophy concerning such joint athletic programs and questions which might arise.

He said that the joint enrollment of the participating schools would be considered as to what level of competition the sports team would participate in. Examples given of existing cooperative sports programs were Harper/Huntington for football and Condon/Arlington/Wheeler for baseball.

The OSAA will not consider authorizing such programs for lack of financial support within a district or to improve the quality of a team. The OSAA would also prefer that smaller schools, schools who cannot keep a program alive individually, join forces rather than having a smaller school join with a larger school.

Questions to be addressed before such a cooperative were enacted, said Nesemann, would include how to handle gate receipts, who would pay for equipment and travel expenses, the selection of coaches, the selection of cheerleaders, the team name and nickname and who would be responsible for liability coverage.

Nesemann said more than once that his presentation was only for informational purposes.

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