A vocal representation of property owners from the west side of Wallowa Lake and northern end landowners made the case that they do not wish to be part of any incorporated city at this time. They also made a statement that they do not wish to be part of any unincorporated community designation during a meeting held at the Wallowa County Planning Department Dec. 6.

Thirty people attended the meeting which began with the proposal that residents at the south end of Wallowa Lake, west side property owners and north end landowners could possibly join forces to create an incorporated city. Two previous meetings without west and north end representation had preceded the Friday, Dec. 6 meeting, but it became obvious early in the third meeting that the two outlying areas did not wish to be included in any such plan.

The statement was made that west and north property owners are now content with county services.

After the west and north end property owners made their statement and left the meeting, south end landowners remained to determine how to proceed in either creating an incorporated city or an unincorporated community as required by the state. Mary Burns was elected chairperson of the group and named individuals to study alternatives.

Burns said she had not yet formed an opinion as to whether it would be beneficial to incorporate at the south end, but added that the vast majority of people she has spoken with on the matter are against incorporation.

She said that the group has until June of 2003 to come into compliance with the state, one way or the other. The next meeting to be held on the matter will be held Friday, Jan. 9 at 10 a.m. in the basement of the Wallowa County Courthouse.

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