Rain damage forces contractor to discern contract, insurance work

Enterprise school construction project manager Troy Farwell of Elgin's WC Construction says the project will be 45 percent completed by the end of July. Photo by Rocky Wilson

Contractor Project Manager Troy Farwell now defines the reconstruction work at the Enterprise school in two categories: the contract work and the insurance work. The insurance work was added to the project July 7 when 0.26 inches of rain fell on an uncovered roof, causing major damage to the flooring, ceiling and walls of the west wing of the high school.

As of Friday of last week Farwell was still without a dollar amount of the insurance work damages. He did say that the insurance providers for G & M Construction of Priest River, Idaho, the subcontracting roofers on the project, will pick up the costs.

Farwell works for WC Construction of Elgin which is the general contractor for a project which is employing 12 subcontractors in a race to complete work before school starts in the fall. By the end of July Farwell predicts that the contract work will be 45 percent done and the insurance work 65 to 70 percent done.

The only two subcontractors working on both the contract and insurance work are Grande Ronde Insulation of Enterprise and Robert Brooks Painting of La Grande.

Water damage from the July 7 rainfall could include six computers and a V Tel machine which had water in them, but have yet to be restarted to assess damages. The potential damage to books in the high school library is still an unknown. All the books were taken off the shelves and will have to be placed back in the library under the supervision of librarian Vicki Coggins. The books have been drying in storage with a dehumidifier

The Enterprise voters approved $2.4 million for repairs on the school buildings. WC Construction bid the work at $1.6 million. Owners project manager Ed Jensen has stated that the cost of the project, because of previously unknown factors such as an extensive dry rot problem associated with the roofing, will go beyond the $1.6 million figure.

The biggest dollar amount to a subcontractor is the $350,000 bid by G & M Construction for the roofing work. Farwell anticipates that G & M will be at the school another 1 1/2 months.

Other than supervision, the only work WC Construction is scheduled to do on the project is to erect the covered walkways outside the high school and the southern end of the middle school.

Farwell said that the insulation and underlayment for the insurance work will be completed this week. He added that the painting will be begun as well. The suspended ceiling work is scheduled to begin July 28 and last three days. He anticipates the new carpeting for the insurance work to come in July 31. The bulk of the work left after the painting, suspended ceiling work and carpeting, said Farwell, will be putting everything, including the books, back in place.

Work on the covered walkways is tentatively set to begin July 28.

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