Two months after the mudslide that destroyed the Camp Wallowa Boy Scout dining hall south of Wallowa there has been no decision on what the Blue Mountain Boy Scout Council will do as far as rebuilding at the camp site.

"Our insurance did not cover this type of disaster, so we are out of luck in that regard," executive director Mark Griffn told the Chieftain last week. " We are looking at other sources of disaster relief and have received a few donations. We are keeping all donated funds designated to Wallowa in a property account for clean up and future construction at Wallowa."

He added, "We have started to clean up the debris as best we can."

Griffin referred to a statement that was sent out last week to council Boy Scouts and leaders to update them on the situation.

It reported that the council president had assembled a task force to review all the options, and that group had met in the last few weeks with representatives of the U.S. Forest Service, the State of Oregon, Wallowa County and the Boy Scouts of America to try to decide the next step.

"Unfortunately, we have been advised by all paries we should not spend any funds on the camp (other than to remove what is left of the dining hall) for at least a year to see what Mother Nature has in store for the rivers and the property," read the update statement.

It noted that due to changes in the streams and the hillside there is a chance of further slides or flooding, and that, since the source of the slide is in a federal wilderness area, there is by law little that can be done to prevent further slides down BC Creeks above the camp.

The camp has been closed for now, and preliminary plans to fix the road and to repair the roof on the log lodge on the Boy Scout property have been put on hold. The task force is looking into all short- and long-term options for the lodge and other buildings at the camp.

"Our concern for the next year or so will to be to provide safe, quality outdoor activities for our Scouts at other facilities," the message from the Boy Scout council concluded. "When the time comes, we will rebuild what we can at Wallowa."

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