Roofing firm liable for school rain damage

Enterprise superintendent of schools Brad Royse stands in the water-damaged hallway next to the high school library. Subcontracting roofers failed to cover the exposed roof before Monday night's rainstorm. Photo by Rocky Wilson

Major water damage was sustained to the west wing of Enterprise High School Monday night. Water damage to ceilings, rugs and possibly to copy machines and library books was found Tuesday morning after the subcontracting roofing firm of G & M Construction of Priest River, Idaho, failed to cover the portion of roof it had torn off for repairs. Heavy rains hit the Enterprise area in the night.

The high school library and adjacent hallways looked like a war zone Tuesday morning with ceiling tiles crumpled all over, soaked rugs and water streaks marring the ceiling's surface.

Project Manager Troy Farwell of Elgin's W.C. Construction, the general contractor for the $2.4 million renovation project, said Tuesday morning that the damage would be repaired by the time school starts and that G & M Construction's insurance would be liable for the cost.

Farwell, who coaches wrestling at EHS, said that G.M. Construction had covered their work the previous three nights but, for some reason, did not cover the open roof over the library and rest of the west wing Monday night.

Enterprise superintendent Brad Royse had no estimates as to the monetary cost of the damages Tuesday morning. In addition to the ceiling tile and the rugs he expressed concerns about the sub-flooring and the insulation.

Ironically the Enterprise School Board met in the library Monday night and left before the heavy rains came.

The damage was so severe that the water soaked through the second floor's sub-flooring and on to the bottom floor. Computers and copiers were soaked with water on both floors. Royse said they had been cautioned to not turn the machines on yet to assess damages.

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