Same bloodlines, but Goebel’s changes owners

<p>Garrett Mahon (right) is the new owner of Goebel's Service, in Wallowa. He's the son of Kathy Goebel Mahon and Mike Mahon and is purchasing the station from Ginger Goebel Burns and Marc Burns (center.) At left is Ginger and Marc's daughter Katelyn.</p>

Forty years ago Harold Goebel, of Wallowa, purchased an operational service station at 504 W. First in that city, named it Goebel’s Service, and entered what then was the competitive market for gas sales in Wallowa.

Over the course of the ensuing years other service stations in the town have fallen by the wayside, leaving Goebel’s as the lone survivor. Also, during those 40 years, three of Harold’s children, at different times became owners of that business which has evolved into a popular convenience store as well as gas station.

On Aug. 8 the station was sold yet one more time to an individual lacking the Goebel name, but still a member of the Goebel clan.

Garrett Mahon, who made that Aug. 8 purchase, is the son of Kathy Goebel Mahon, one of Harold’s daughters, and Mike Mahon, a Wallowa logger who owns Bear Creek Logging along with Kathy.

Garrett is a 2000 graduate of Wallowa High School, attended Oregon State University and Eastern Oregon University, and took heavy equipment training in Woodland, Wash.

His plan is to split personal working hours between Bear Creek Logging and his new venture.

Mahon has changed the name of the business from Goebel’s Service to Goebel’s LLC.

Through the years, following the father’s ownership, Harold’s two sons Ron and then Raymond next owned and operated the station. In 2001, Marc Burns and his wife Ginger Goebel Burns purchased the business along Highway 82 and retained that ownership until Aug. 8.

Marc Burns, now operating a delimber for Seldom Seen Logging, of Lostine, says during his and Ginger’s ownership the store provided work on average for 3.5 full-time workers. Mahon plans to retain that same number of employees.

The service station/convenience store has undergone many remodels through the years, and owners prior to the Goebels were Russell Walls, Don and Corda Locke, Jake Silver, and Gene Taylor.

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