School open house draws 80

About 80 Enterprise school district patrons toured the newly remodeled facility at an open house held last Friday. Photo by Rocky Wilson

Five Enterprise High School student body officers gave about 80 school district patrons a series of tours of improvements made this summer on the high school, middle school and elementary school thanks to a $2.4 million bond measure voted in by the district. The tours were given last Friday afternoon, Oct. 24, during a 3-5 p.m. open house complete with hot dogs and soda.

Freshman class president D. J. Lincoln cooked the hot dogs, while student body president Collin Cunningham, vice president Craig Swart, reporter Chelsey Noland, secretary Erin Voss and junior class president Andy Marcum gave tours at regular intervals. Tour groups ranged from four to 15 in size.

Pointed out by the guides were new lights in the hallways, new fire alarm systems, new sub flooring, paint and rugs in the water damaged portion of the high school, new American Disability Association (ADA) ramps, new ADA bathrooms, new roofs on all the buildings, new windows, new paint on the exterior, new hand rails, new steps on the middle school, new covered walkways and more.

Not all of the work is completed, as paving adjacent the multipurpose room, roof flashings and a few other items still need to be addressed before the school and general contractor WC Construction of Elgin sign off to complete the project. A target date for that sign off has been set at Oct. 29.

Some work, such as middle school door replacements, will be completed over the Christmas break holiday.

Water damage costs, incurred because of a summer rainfall when the roof over part of the school was left uncovered, covered by roofer insurance, is estimated at $139,000, said project superintendent Troy Farwell. An additional $14,000 is added to that insured total because of picture damage and the cost of teachers and librarians to help clean up the mess.

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