Both the Wallowa and Enterprise school districts are getting out of the Internet dial-up service outside of their respective schools. Wallowa's final day of dial-up service for home use of students, staff and school board members was Oct. 31. Enterprise - which provides the service only to teachers, board members and classified staff - has notified teachers and will soon send out letters that it is getting out of the business effective Jan. 1, 2003.

"It was time for us to get out of that business," said Wallowa Superintendent Ed Jensen. He said it was time to upgrade the modem, if they wished to keep offering the service, and that other equipment needed work as well. He also talked about liability issues, noting that "it is getting harder and harder to filter out pornography (from home sites)."

According to Jensen he had received some complaints about people conducting commercial business using the school's e-mail address.

Enterprise has three dedicated lines for the dial up service and Wallowa had six. Savings for the Enterprise district will be $120 per month, said Enterprise Superintendent Brad Royse, while Wallowa's monthly savings will be in the range of $240 per month, according to Jensen.

Jensen said that Wallowa had been charging a nominal fee of $80 per year for some 80 accounts, with no technological support included in the package. The fee was not charged to either staff or board members.

The service has been provided for about the past four years in the two districts.

Jensen says that other Internet providers have improved their service over the past few years and it did not make sense for Wallowa to raise their rates to compete. Wallowa did not make money over the past four years, he said, but instead provided a service at a savings for district users. He said that persons wishing to continue Internet service will have to pay more, but will receive technology support.

Joseph schools have never had dial up Internet access through a router for in-home use.

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