Slater hired as Elgin municipal judge

<center>Alyssa Slater </center>

Wallowa County Deputy District attorney Alyssa Slater, a former Elgin millworker turned lawyer, has been hired as municipal judge for the City of Elgin.

She will continue her full-time deputy DA job, which she began in the spring under a two-year domestic violence grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Slater said Elgin's municipal court meets in the evening twice a month, and will not interfere with her day job in Wallowa County. Slater said as Elgin judge she will hear misdemeanor cases as well as the traffic and other violation cases to which the Enterprise judge is now limited.

Slater worked for the Elgin sawmill for two years in the early 1990s to earn money for college after her family moved there from Utah, and then for her first three years of college at Eastern Oregon University.

Slater graduated in the spring of 2002 from Boston University School of Law.

, and said she was extremely happy to return to Eastern Oregon as Wallowa County's deputy attorney in May.

"I love it, and I'm learning a lot," Slater said about her position. She said the grant under which she is working - designed to tackle the problems of domestic violence and child abuse - is "progressing nicely." Although her job involves enforcement of laws dealing with domestic violence, she also helped organize a presentation and workshop of sexual abuse expert Cory Jewell Jensen in Wallowa County.

"I was tickled to get the Elgin position. It will let me use my legal background in different ways and increase my experience," Slater said.

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