Living Memories of Imnaha and Snake River Country, a historical program featuring Ace Barton of Riggins, Idaho, Doug Tippett of Joseph and Dick Hammond of Enterprise will be presented Tuesday evening, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Wallowa Mountains Visitor Center.

The three speakers will share stories of living and working in the canyon country for many years.

Ace Barton, grandson of Mart Hibbs, and son of Lenora Hibbs and Ralph Barton, was born on Summit Creek of the Imnaha River. He was three years old when his parents brought him by horse to Battle Creek in Hells Canyon. Ace began fighting forest fires for the Forest Service when he was 13. Since living and working in the canyons from an early age, he has stored memories of the lives of many and has a gift for storytelling.

James (Doug) Tippett was born in Spokane, Wash. but grew up on lower Joseph Creek, the youngest of six children having three brothers and two sisters. Doug attended a one-room school in Joseph Creek and also schools in Clarkston, Wash. and college at Pullman. Doug was an outstanding athlete and participated in intercollegiate rodeo team events. After college and serving in the Army for two years, he returned to Wallowa County and the Snake River to run the Dug Bar Ranch, a cattle operation he purchased from his father in 1957. In 1980, Doug sold the cattle with the permit to the Dug Bar Ranch, and concentrated his cattle operation on the home place on Prairie Creek and Salmon Creek.

Richard (Dick) Hammond of Enterprise was born and raised on Grouse Flats in the "North Country". At the early age of 12, he farmed for the Mallory's eight head of driving horses. At sixteen, he worked as a packer on the Lochsa and at seventeen started his Snake River experiences working for Jess Earl on Somers Creek. Dick worked as a Forest Service Lookout at McGraw in 1949 and 1950. In 1954 he worked as a packer at Memaloose. Dick has worked for many ranchers in addition to the Marr Flat Cattle/Horse Association and has worked in all corners of the county and all points in-between.

All three of the speakers participated in the May Snake River jet boat trip from Clarkston to Kirkwood that was sponsored by the Friends of the Wallowa County Museum as a fund-raiser. Each of them served as "interpreters" and this program will serve as a means to hear more canyon country stories from these men that have so much history to share.

Information on the program may be obtained from the Wallowa Mountains Visitor Center at 426-5546.

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