Of the 34 special district elective positions to be voted on in Wallowa County May 20, 16 were without filed candidates as of Monday, March 10. The deadline to get on the ballot is March 20.

Four of the 14 special districts with positions to be voted upon - Wallowa School District No. 12, the Enterprise Cemetery District, the Wallowa Rural Fire Protection District and the Wallowa Lake Rural Fire Protection District - have applicants for each opening.

In the Wallowa School District five patrons are vying for three school board positions. Karen Josi and Marcus Burns are contesting position No. 3, Shannon Shelton and Michael Wood are contesting position No. 4 and Theresa Spaur, as of Monday, was running unopposed for position No. 1.

No one else in the county is running opposed.

James McGinnis is running for the Enterprise Cemetery District, Perry Johnston, Don Diggins and Arnold Schaeffer for the three positions on the Wallowa Rural Fire District and both Floyd Hoofard and Dale Mammen for the two positions on the Wallowa Lake Rural Fire Protection District.

Running unopposed on three of the four openings for the Wallowa County Education Service District board are Ernestine Kilgore, Mark Heuett and Marilyn Dalton. No one has filed from zone No. 5.

No one has filed for either seat on the Enterprise school board, while only Carol Baynes has filed for the three openings on the Joseph school board.

David Flynn and Mark Heuett have filed for two of the three vacancies on the Troy school board.

Edward Jensen and Marsha Svendsen have filed for two of the three open positions on the Wallowa County Health Care District Board, with position No. 1 still open.

Dale Johnson has filed for one of the three vacancies on the Lower Valley Water Improvement District.

Four districts in addition to the Enterprise school district have no one filed for openings. They are the Alder Slope Cemetery District (two positions), the Lostine Cemetery District (two positions), the Evergreen Sewer & Water District (two positions) and the Joseph Cemetery Maintenance District (one position).

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