An effort to curb the speed of traffic on East Street in Joseph was the result of the request from residents Cal and Geri Gillihan for a speed study at Fourth and East streets made at the Nov. 5 Joseph City Council meeting.

The couple said that the route appeared to be a "race track," for students driving to and from high school, and noted that motorists ran the stop sign at the intersection frequently. Neighborhood resident Ethel Morehead seconded the Gillihan's concerns, saying her dog had been killed by someone running the stop sign.

After discussion, Joseph Mayor Kevin Warnock said he would personally talk with Sheriff Fred Steen and ask that the streets be monitored and tickets be given. The council felt sheriff's department officers should talk to the high school studentas and monitor East St. before and after school, as well as during the lunch period.

A job description for Joseph volunteer firefighters presented by Joseph Fire Chief Herman Ortmann was approved by the Joseph City Council at its Nov. 5 meeting.

Ortmann suggested that physicals become a requirement prior to becoming a fire fighter, and also presented a physical fitness agility form for review. Ortmann said that the department plans on requiring all firefighters to take the physical agility test on an annual basis.

The council also voted to allow the fire department to develop a bigger tanker truck from the old ladder truck, using a VFA grant that had been received. A cost estimate of $4,900 had been received from Stangel's to remove the ladder and build a tanker from the old # 3 fire truck.

Ortmann said that the ladder truck has been for sale but no requests for purchase received, and added that a larger tanker would improve the city's ISO rating. The move will give the city ownership of three tankers.

On Nov. 5 the council also opened discussion for the fire contract with the Wallowa Lake Rural Fire District. City attorney Mark Tipperman was asked to make revisions of the contract based on questions and concerns expressed, and present it at the next regular council meeting Dec. 3.

Councilor Paul Castilleja reported a number of complaints that music being played at Manual Museum on a daily basis was too loud. It was noted that individual complaints needed to be made to the city.

Castilleja also noted that the Manuals had never come back for a conditional use permit for the building next to the Carriage House as requested in January of 2001by the coundil. He noted that an original construction permit was for an open building, which is now enclosed, and expressed his concern about what is being done inside the building. The council supported his suggestion to give files about the matter to attorney Tipperman for review.

Interim public works superintendent Jim Lewis requested consideration of the purchase of a four-wheeler with a blade, to be used for removal of snow on the foot bridges, sidewalks and bubbleouts. The council approved the purchase unanimously.

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