JOSEPH — Brinda Daggett Stanley, of Joseph, was appointed by the Joseph City Council to replace now-Mayor Lisa Collier as a city councilor during the council’s regular meeting Oct. 7, interim city Administrator Brock Eckstein said Tuesday, Oct. 12.

The council had two vacant seats to fill — Collier’s and that of Kathy Bingham. Bingham resigned from the council July 1 after being censured and removed from her position as mayor pro-tem and her committee assignments. Collier was voted in as mayor in September to replace former Mayor Belinda Buswell, who resigned after moving outside of Joseph, disqualifying herself to serve.

The council had three applications to fill the seats. In addition to Stanley, Ryan Swindlehurst and Nancy Parmenter applied to serve on the council. But the council delayed filling the other seat.

“They wanted to interview them more and do some more investigation work,” Eckstein said.

Also, the council wanted to ask Swindlehurst more questions and he was not present Thursday.

“They wanted to give him another shot to make it to a council meeting so they could ask him questions,” Eckstein said.

He said the council also put off filling the mayor pro-tem position, which Collier had held, and committee assignments. The council members wanted to wait until they have a full council, he said.

Replacing Eckstein also is on a future docket, as the council has selected a company to help find a permanent city administrator. Eckstein has served as the interim administrator since Larry Braden resigned this spring.

He said the council is preparing a three-page job announcement together that would give a potential administrator information on the community he would be moving to and administrating.

“I would anticipate me being here for a while longer and once a new person is on board, however long the council wants me to, to get them caught up,” Eckstein.

The administrator spoke highly of the city’s new website that gives more complete information on what city government is doing. More than just an agenda is published there prior to meetings. It also includes attachments accompanying particular agenda items.

The council set the next council meeting for Thursday, Nov. 4.

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