Sixteen members traveled to Salem to participate in State Fair contests in Dog, Rabbit, Poultry, Presentations, Style Revue and Cooking. Following are the results of their efforts.

Dog Showmanship, blue, Kyle Clough, Kady Dougherty, Tessa Kuppinger, Olivia Soares, Riley Wortman. Obedience-Sub-Novice blue, Kyle Clough, Kady Dougherty, red, Riley Wortman. Novice blue, Tessa Kuppinger, Olivia Soares. Graduate Novice Reserve Champion, Kyle Clough.

Rabbit Showmanship, Intermediate blue, Riley Wortman. Senior blue, Relissa Wortman. Riley Wortman, Champion (Best of Breed) Sr. Doe. Relissa Wortman, blues for Jr. Doe, Sr. Doe, Jr. Buck, Sr. Buck. Red, Jr. Buck.

Poultry Showmanship, blue, Riley Wortman, Relissa Wortman. Riley Wortman, blue for Other Fowl, Red, Pullet, Cockerel, and Poultry Judging. Relissa Wortman, blues for Pullet, Hen, and Poultry Judging, red: Pullet, Cockerel.

Presentations, Individual Judge's Choice ribbons: Katrina Anderson, Lelia Wortman, and Riley Wortman. Blue, Joy Kuppinger and Relissa Wortman. Team Judge's Choice ribbons: Sara Freels and Krista Stangel (also each received $25 cash award from Oregon Dairy Women), Tricia Kunkle and Madeline Smith. Blue, Marcus Anderson and Lucas Stangel.

Food Preparation Contests: Blue, Katrina Anderson, Sara Freels, Krista Stangel. Food exhibits, Cookies: Blue (also awarded Cookie Press) Bethany Bemrose, Heather Bruce, Joscelyn Stangel. Red, Karla Wilsey. Foam Cakes: Blue, Krista Stangel. Quick breads: Blue, Beverly Bemrose, Karla Wilsey, White, Sierra Hopkins. Yeast Breads: Blue, Alison Curry, Sara Freels, Krista Stangel. Recipes: Red, Alison Curry.

Clothing Blues, Heather Bruce, Sierra Hopkins, Maggie Norman, Joscelyn Stangel, Karla Wilsey, Red, Heather Bruce. Crochet Fashion Revue: Red, Alison Curry. Clothing Fashion Revue: Red: Alison Curry. Clothing Judging: Red, Alison Curry. Crocheting Blue, Alison Curry (2).

Art Champion, Krista Stangel, Blue, Katrina Anderson, Alison Curry, Sara Freels, Celeste Hillock. Red, Alison Curry. Photography Blue, Erin Dougherty, Lexi Dougherty (2), Celeste Hillock (2), Red, Patrick Baird, Alison Curry, Amanda DeVore, Erin Dougherty.

Ceramics Champion, Erin Dougherty, Lexi Dougherty. Blue, Erin Dougherty, Kady Dougherty, Lexi Dougherty. Red, Lexi Dougherty.

Educational Displays Reserve Champion, Relissa Wortman. Blue, Ayesha Wortman, Relissa Wortman.

Gardening Fruits & Vegetables: Champion, Riley Wortman. Reserve Champion, Rochelle Wortman. Blue, Relissa Wortman (3); Red, Relissa Wortman, Riley Wortman, Rochelle Wortman. Flowers: Champion, Riley Wortman. Reserve Champion, Relissa Wortman, Riley Wortman. Blue, Relissa Wortman. Red, Relissa Wortman, Riley Wortman (2), Rochelle Wortman (2). White, Relissa Wortman (2), Riley Wortman. Arrangements: Blue, Relissa Wortman; Red, Relissa Wortman. Container Gardening: Reserve Champion, Riley Wortman, Blue, Relissa Wortman (3), Riley Wortman, Rochelle Wortman (2).

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