SALEM — A hearing was delayed to Monday, Sept. 14, to request that the Oregon Republican Party’s 2020 general election voter pamphlet go to print despite missing the payment deadline by 29 seconds, according to a statement released by the Oregon GOP.

The hearing was originally scheduled for Sept. 11 in the Marion County Circuit Court, the date that the Secretary of State’s Office had originally said the voter pamphlet would go to print. However, the Elections Division has disclosed to the court that it can wait until Sept. 17, to ensure that it is printed in time to be received by every Oregon voter in mid-October.

The postponement was blamed on disruption caused by the wildfires raging across the state.

The Oregon Republican Party is arguing that a good faith effort was made to file the state GOP’s statement and, despite the Election Division’s ORESTAR online filing system that day that didn’t permit access to their account for several hours, that it was successfully filed by the 5 pm deadline. The state chairman was inexplicably informed a week later that the statement had been rejected because the Elections Division claimed that the payment receipt was generated 29 seconds late.

“We believe we have developed a powerful case and that there is no reason legally that we will not prevail in this case,” stated Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier. “We are hopeful that the court will agree with us that it is in the voters’ best interest to include the Republican statement so they can compare the principles and values of each party side by side before voting.”

He said the response of the Democratic Party of Oregon’s spokesperson was to effectively silence the Republican perspective.

“If anything, the DPO’s abandonment of the best interest of voters has helped make even more clear the contrast between our two parties’ visions and values,” Currier said. “The voices of the people must not be silenced by bureaucrats, computer system glitches, COVID-19, the Democrat Party, or anything else.”

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