Street Beat: What do you think of the Bush guest worker program?

Street Beat: What do you think of the Bush guest worker program?

Trina Timmonds

La Grande

"I am not that up-to-date on the issue but from the little I do know I don't have any issues with it."

Shane Smith


"I am not happy with Bush's guest worker plan. I don't see any value in making illegal workers legal, even if it is only temporary."

Ron Owens


"The program should work because for the workers, it would provide temporary legal status and some civil rights protections."

Rex McBride


"There's not really any point to the program. Basically, the workers would be setting themselves up for later deportation by putting themselves on the radar."

Marshall Post


"Many illegal aliens are working off the books in the U.S and their rights are not protected by our labor laws, which is okay with me."

Daniel Bacon


"I think it is a good idea because the program would offer relief to farmers and others who need unskilled labor, by providing them with an eager and legal workforce."

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