Street Beat: What's to love about a mule? (Asked at Hells Canyon Mule Days)

Street Beat: What's to love about a mule? (Asked at Hells Canyon Mule Days)

Stephen Short


"Their intelligence. They won't take you into danger, whereas you can lead a horse into anything. And they are a lot of fun."

Yvonne Petersen

Winnemucca, Nev.

"They are easier keepers than a horse. They are more down-to- earth, not as high strung, and teach their owners to be calm and relaxed. They are very inquisitive."

Larry Waters


They are a lot smarter than a horse. A mule, when he learns something, knows it the rest of his life, good and bad."

Lynn Neel


"Their attitude is a lot different than a horse, they are calmer, more laid back. A mule is interesting. You don't make a mule do anything. If you start a fight with a mule, you have a good fight on your hands."

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