Student memory-maker strives to publish 2003 Joseph HS yearbook

Joseph senior Kevin Graham holds a cataog of various yearbook covers. The 2003 JHS cover is circled. Photo by Kim Lamb

Memories of youth fade all too quickly over time as friendships that were made in younger years become secondary to the daily grind of adult life. That's not to say those memories are not important.

Joseph senior Kevin Graham has undertaken the challenge of preserving those memories for his classmates as a senior project after hearing that the yearbook wouldn't be published due to budget cuts.

"The students have spent 12 years of their adolescence growing up and learning in Joseph's schools and it would be nice for all of us to have something to look back on,"Graham said.

According to the JHS senior, images preserved in the yearbook are important to the students . Not everyone takes pictures of their friends and classmates. "Ten years from now people will want to look back and share those special times," he said.

"Kevin is doing an outstanding job and we really appreciate his efforts," said Joseph Superintendent Rich Graham, who is not related to Kevin. "He is doing quite well with the sponsorships and donations, but he could use more," he added.

A bare minimum of $4,600 is required to produce the book. That amount will pay for the printing of the 80 black and white pages in the annual with no extras added. In years past the annual also included color pages in the middle and name imprinting on the cover which are an additional cost.

The full color cover design was chosen from a Waldsworth Publishing Co. catalog of stock annual covers. It boasts a large 2003 that wraps around from front to back 2003. The color scheme is blue and purple with a bubble and wave design

Graham is asking for help from the community in the form of donations and/or page sponsorship of $40. Sponsorships or donations can be sent to the Joseph high school office. Sponsorship information is also available at the office.

The majority of photos are being taken digitally by Graham although all activities taken on conventional film are being transferred on to photo CD by Safeway. He is asking for photos taken by students , staff members or anyone else to supplement those that he has already taken. Graham said that he would prefer the pictures be in digital form but if they aren't, that's not a problem. If anyone plans on e-mailing photos or would like to help with the yearbook they can reach Graham at 432-9351 or Photos or CD's can be dropped off at the school or mailed to PO Box 360, Joseph OR 97846.

Graham attended a yearbook workshop two weeks ago sponsored by Waldsworth and learned about the computer layout program that is used and the do's and don'ts of yearbook publishing. Enterprise yearbook advisor Ron Osterloh was a big help at the workshop teaching Graham tricks of the trade that he has learned over the years.

The JHS senior also needs to borrow a Zip drive for media storage. The Zip disks will be used to send page layouts to Waldsworth. The first 40 pages along with half of the money is due April 15, with the last 40 pages and the printing balance due June 2.

The yearbook will cost students $45 this year and may be ordered at the Joseph high school office.

"I'm hoping to get all of the yearbook orders and sponsorship moneys in by Nov. 12 so I can see where the project stands money wise," Graham said.

The 17 year old is fitting in the yearbook project between working at Wallowa Lake Lodge where he is currently the morning cook and his second job at the Old Town Cafe as a dishwasher. On a usual school day Graham puts in a 13 hour day, leaving at seven a.m. and coming home about nine p.m.

Graham has been interested in culinary arts his whole life and always wanted to be a chef. He plans to attend Western Culinary located in Portland in the fall of next year.

"He amazes me," said his mom, Jude Graham. "I'm very proud of him. He's worked very hard and put a lot of hours into it and hopefully he will get some community support."

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