A new study of the economic impacts of the Film & Video Industry in Oregon shows the industry generated total sales statewide of more than $1.02 billion in the year 2000. Recently completed by economic consultants ECONorthwest, the study also shows the industry supported more than 11,000 full time equivalent jobs in Oregon.

Oregon Film & Video Office executive director Veronica Rinard says the study comes at an important time. "This study shows the huge impact our industry already has in this state, and shows that Film and Video should be an integral part of any plans for stimulating the economy in Oregon," said Rinard.

Other key findings in the study include a total direct impact from the industry of $474 million, generating $836 million of total output, and wages and income of $487 million. The average wage among film and video production workers was $37,200.

Of the total direct revenues, $191 million came from indigenous film and video productions, $28 Million from out-of-state productions, and $255 million from television and cable broadcasting.

The study also traces the income generated for the state and local governments from film and video industry activity. It states, "Collectively because of the economic output due to the activities of the film and video industry, the State of Oregon received over $33 million in taxes and fees while local governments collected about $20 million."

The Oregon Film & Video Office is a State agency that works to build the film, video and multimedia industry in Oregon. The Office received a grant from the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department for the study.

The full study is available online: www.oregonfilm.org, Production Info, Oregon Film & Video Industry link.

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