WALLOWA – Despite a few mishaps, including a “mighty wind” Friday, the 22nd annual Tamkaliks Celebration once again brought the sounds, sights and descendants of Wallowa County’s original inhabitants back home.

The celebration, held Friday through Sunday, July 21-23, and hosted by the nonprofit Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretive Center Inc., brought 61 dancers and nine groups to Wallowa to dance, sing and socialize.

“The numbers were down, but every one had a wonderful time,” said Beulah Wynans, manager of the Wallowa-based center. “It’s like a big reunion every year,” she said. “Dancers I saw as little kids are now teenagers.”

Wyanans added, “We have so many fabulous raffle gifts this year. The community has been more generous than you can even imagine.”

Tamkaliks committee secretary Nancy Crenshaw, who was there for the first Wallowa powwow, knows dancers who were children then with their own kids dancing now.

One reason there were fewer participants than some years, when dance numbers have approached 100, was a scheduling conflict with a big powwow in Idaho.

Friday a windstorm tore down the big parachute that provides shade over the dance arbor every year, but it was mended and back up by the second dance session Saturday afternoon.

Drum groups that took part in the celebration were Yaka-Vegas, Hells Canyon, Five Eagles, Spirit of the Renegade, Nimipuu Trails, Howt-Me, Heartbreakers, Lightning Creek and Umatilla Intertribal.

Memorial giveaways for Terry Brother of Eagle of Montana and longtime volunteer Star Longley and early supporter Bob Chrisman, both of Wallowa, were part of the celebration this year.

The friendship feast Sunday was very well attended, as always, with hundreds of feasters enjoying a large variety of potluck dishes as well as fresh game and 20 salmon cooked by WBNPTIC president Joe McCormack.

Following are winners of the 2012 Tamkaliks dance competition:

Dance Special Men’s Traditional (all ages) – 1st, William Timentwa, Lapwai, Idaho; 2nd, JT Williams, Arrow Junction, Idaho; 3rd, Silas Moses, Lapwai.

Women’s Golden Age – 1st, Lonnie Alexander, Cayuse; 2nd, Carla Timentwa, Lapwai; 3rd, Louise Spino Paxton, Albany.

Men’s Golden Age – 1st, JT Williams; 2nd, William Timentwa; 3rd, Harold Halfmoon, Kean Canyon, Ariz.

Boys’ Traditional, 7-12 – 1st, Jacob Cota, Boise; 2nd, Andrew Williams, Thornhollow; 3rd, Alex Williams, Thornhollow.

Girls’ Traditional, 7-12 – 1st, Natasha Smith, Lapwai; 2nd, Aurelia Heay, Thornhollow; 3rd, Eva Oatman, Pendleton.

Boys’ Traditional, 13-17 – 1st, Silas Moses, Lapwai; 2nd, Chico Dela Cruz, Walla Walla, Wash.; 3rd, Elija Moses, Lapwai.

Girls’ Traditional, 13-17 – 1st, Teata Oatman, Pendleton; 2nd, Sakota Allen, Lapwai; 3rd, Justine Slimjohn, Lapwai.

Fast and Fancy – 1st, Gary Smith, Granger, Idaho; 2nd, Trevor Smith, Granger; 3rd, Dylan Ellis Abrahamson, Pendleton.

Fancy Shawl – 1st, Sydney Moore, Brush Prairie, Wash.; 2nd, Teata Oatman, Pendleton; 3rd, Julie Gould, Lenore, Idaho.

Grass Dance – 1st, Francis Dionne, Boise; 2nd, Phil Allen, Lapwai; 3rd, Juan Sotelo, Caldwell, Idaho.

Jingle Dance – 1st, Bessie Blackeagle, Lapwai; 2nd, Fern Smith, Lapwai; 3rd, Sydney Moore, Brush Prairie.

Men’s Traditional Adult – 1st, Steve Axtell, Lapwai; 2nd, Kellen Joseph, Pendleton; 3rd, Lucas Angus, Portland.

Women’s Traditional Adult – 1st, Bessie Blackeagle, Lapwai; 2nd, Jackie McArthur, Lenore; 3rd, Fern Smith, Lapwai.


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