Women’s Traditional Seniors 50 and over

1. Katie Blackwolf; Pendleton, Oregon

2. Bev Allen; Peshastin, Washington

3. Diane Walker; Chiloquin, Oregon

Women’s Traditional Adults

1. Katrina Miller; Pendleton

2. Tie

Sara Dowty; Warm Springs, Oregon

Trinette Nowland; Pendleton

Girl’s Tradional Teens

1. Latis Nowland; Pendleton

2. Layla Sohappy; Cayuse, Oregon

3. Natasha Slimjohn; Lapwai, Idaho

Girl’s Tradional Juniors

1. Mania Wolf; Pendleton

2. Leona Smith; Lapwai, Idaho

3. Elizabeth Bevis; Pendleton

Fancy Shawl Dance

1. Aurora Whiskeyjack; Pendleton

2. Mary Harris; Pendleton

3. Alayna Bevis; Pendleton

Jingle Dance

1. Teata Ellenwood; Pendleton

2. Josephine Penney; Tillamook, Oregon

3. Jareen Hines; Pendleton

Men’s Traditional Seniors 50 and over

1. Don Nanamkin; Nespelem, Washington

2. Steve Reuben; Kooskia, Idaho

3. J T Williams; Arrow Junction, Idaho

Men’s Traditional Adults

1. Jesse Bevis Sr.; Pendleton

2. Michael Bad Warrior; Owyhee, Nevada

3. Alex Broncheau; Post Falls, Idaho

Boys Traditional Teens

1. Sky Smith; Lapwai, Idaho

2. Aiden Wolf; Cayuse, Oregon

Boy’s Traditional Juniors

1. Eli Bauer; Pendleton

2. Cashis Bevis; Pendleton

3. Adam Bauer; Pendleton

Fast and Fancy

1. Garian McDonald; Pendleton

2. Eli Bauer; Pendleton

3. Tony Smith; Lapwai, Idaho

Grass Dance

1. Jesse Bevis Sr.; Pendleton

2. Tie

Wilber Oatman; Pendleton

Logan Quaempts; Pendleton

Women’s Short Fringe Special

1. Bev Allen; Peshastin, Washington

2. Trinette Nowland; Pendleton

3. Fern Smith; Lapwai, Idaho

4. Jacy Sohappy; Cayuse, Oregon

Slick Style Special

1. Jesse Red Sky Bevis; Pendleton

2. Louis Van Pelt; Pendleton

3. Wilber Oatman; Pendleton

4. Caleb Minthorne; Pendleton

Celebration All Arounds

Jesse Bevis Sr: First Grass, First Men’s Traditional, First Slick Style

Eli Bauer (Age 12): First Boys Traditional, second Fast & Fancy

Wilbur Oatman: second Grass, third Slick Style

Bev Allen: First Short Fringe, second Golden Age Women’s Traditional

Trinette Nowland: second Short Fringe, third Golden Age

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