You can't throw a rock in Wallowa County without hitting someone who is part of the Wallowa County's Biggest Loser weight-loss challenge.

As of Tuesday morning, Sue Womack, administrative secretary at Wallowa Memorial Hospital, reported that 195 people had been weighed and named their team.

More than a dozen teams had declared themselves but more were expected thanks to the last-minute allowance of out-of-town official weigh-ins by Jan. 20.

Teams that had declared as of press time include:

Bowl Me Over, an 11-member team with Kathy Dodson as team captain; the 8-member Bunko Team with Mandy Decker as captain; 14-member Center for Wellness Team with captain Diana Januzzi; 30-members (and counting) Community Bank Team with Nickie Norman and Leah Johnson sharing captain duties; 18-member Community Center Team with Laina Fisher, captain; 9-member Heritage Plaza Team, Judy Kinsley captain; 7-member Seam Rippers, Michele Bedard captain; 5-member Take Shape for Life Team, Julie Van Belle captain; 20-member Team Safeway, Enterprise with Katie Wightman as captain; 27-member Enterprise School District Team with Gail Hillock as captain; 31-member Wallowa County Health Care District Team with Sue Womack as captain; the 24-member Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP Aweigh) Team with Janice Bailey as captain; the six-member Chieftain Team; and three individuals on the Individual Team.

A few folks had yet to weigh in by press-time, but the preliminary poundage of all teams combined came to approximately 38,000 pounds. The Chieftain team, which weighed in at 1,275, plans to lose about 10 percent of their total. If all teams set that goal Wallowa County would weigh nearly two tons less by April. As encouragement to all, the Chieftain Team can announce that as of Tuesday morning our team had lost nine-and-one-half pounds on a variety of diet and exercise plans. Our team biggest loser, who shall remain anonymous, got a Bert's Brew sugar-free, fat-free latte delivered right to our office as a reward. Marty Thompson, of Bert's Brew, is our inspiration for exercise. She joined Weight Watchers and walked 10 miles a day for 11months to lose 106 pounds in 2008.

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