The Cedar Waxwings Christmas

The Cedar Waxwings Christmas

Once upon a time there were many Cedar Waxwings. It was winter and it was cold. Brrrrrr! A snowstorm came and there was a lot of snow. It covered the ground. It covered the trees.

The Cedar Wings could not find food. They went to a crab apple tree to look for food but there wasn't any more. They went to a pear tree but they only found one. It was not enough for all of them even though they shared it. Some of them were still hungry. They were starving.

The little birdies believed in a Cedar Waxwing Santa Claus. The grown-ups said there was no Santa Claus but the little birdies wanted food. So they sang a song to Santa Claus asking for food.

Suddenly the snowstorm stopped and there was Santa Claus perched on a crab apple tree that was full of red crab apples. They flew fast to the tree, like the wind and they said, "thank you" to Santa Claus and they ate, and ate, and ate until no bird was hungry.

The grown-ups changed their minds about there being a Cedar Waxwing Santa Claus and the little birdies were happy.

The End

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