Troy carrying on after storm

<p>A large county loader sits behind at least a hundred yards' worth of rock that has been cleared to the side of the road in the canyon near Troy following a violent June 30 hail storm.</p>

TROY – The community resumed preparations for its Independence Day holiday celebration – scheduled for Saturday, July 7 – after weathering a violent hail storm a week ago.

Residents recall the storm struck without any warning the afternoon of Saturday, June 30, shattering windows and washing out ravines. It also piled tons of rocks on county roads.

Winds were estimated at 80 miles per hour with hail as large as baseballs.

Kristen Mallory, who works at the Shilo Troy Resort restaurant, said about 10 people were in the store when the storm hit and there were 20 more people in the business's RV Park. "The storm was frightening and down here we had no warning at all. Some people had knots on their heads and bruises," Mallory said.

What Mallory called a “wind shear storm” lasted about 20 minutes, and was about a half-mile wide. It came in from the west down Wildcat through Troy and went up to Lost Prairie. No bad injuries were reported, but a neighbor to the restaurant, Rick George, was getting ready to move his pickup when a tree fell on it.

Crops, fruit trees and vegetable gardens were destroyed and trees were stripped bare of leaves. "It looks like springtime down here" Kristen said. The Mallorys also lost their feeder crop of hay and their cat lost its eye after being hit by a hail stone.

Mallory also said there were 23 ravines that poured mud and rocks onto local roads, and the power was out for 12 hours.

County Emergency Services Director Paul Karvoski said a fire was started by the storm on Bartlett Bench. The fire burned two and a half acres and was put out by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Mop-up on the fire continued until Tuesday. Karvoski also said there was no damage below the state line.

County road workers responded and cleared the roads.

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