Twelve questions for . . . Joy Thorn of Enterprise

Twelve questions for . . . Joy Thorn of Enterprise

Joy Thorn is a retired accountant often seen at craft events selling her knitted hats.

What's . . .

The furthest you've ever been from Wallowa County?

Southern California. Well, Missouri. That's where I was born.

A sport you'd never watch?


The best advice you ever got?

Smile at everyone; that will lift their spirits.

The thing you're the most afraid of?

Water. I'm scared to death of water. I can't even float-I sink to the bottom.

Your guilty pleasure?


The first thing you'd buy if you won the lottery?

A house up at the lake.

A superpower you'd like to have?

Maybe flying, then I could look down at the earth.

The actor you'd pick to play you in your movie biography?

Cloris Leachman

The food you push to the side of your plate.

Cooked spinach and asparagus

The thing that grinds your gears?

My granddaughter's Yorkie puppy and its constant yapping. (She was puppy sitting.)

A career you'd like to pursue other than your own?

I'm retired now, but a lawyer or scientist instead of an accountant.

The two words co-workers or friends would use to describe you?

They call me a pain; the other word would be friendly.

Each week, we pick a name at random from the phone book. Elane Dickenson conducted this interview.

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