Two Wallowa County residents are among 14 persons selected by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission to serve on a committee organized to formulate policies regarding the future management of wolves in Oregon.

Ben Boswell, a member of the Wallowa County Board of Commissioners, was chosen to represent eastern Oregon commissioners on the board.

Meg Mitchell, Wallowa Valley district ranger, was selected to represent public land managers.

The Wolf Advisory Committee is expected to begin its work in July.

Last April, the commission adopted a planning process for the creation of a Wolf Management Plan, a planning goal statement and 10 operating principles.

The appointed members, representing diverse viewpoints from around the state, will use the guidance from the commission to begin its work. The committee will be assisted by a professional, independent facilitator. In addition, Craig Ely, ODFW's northeast region manager, will sit on the committee.

The following people were selected from a list of 82 nominees based on their qualifications and ability to fairly represent the inerests of the various stakeholder groups: Hunters - Ivan (Sandy) Sanderson, Salem; livestock producers - Sharon Beck, Cove; public land manager - Meg Mitchell, Enterprise; trappers - Joe Colver, Portland; Eastern Oregon county commissioners - Ben Boswell, Enterprise; conservationists - Brett Brownscombe, LaGrande; citizens at-large - Bob Lund, LaGrande, and Bill Gawlowski, Silverton; educators - Dan Edge, Corvallis; wildlife biologists - Bob Riggs, LaGrande; economists - Hans Radtke, Yachats; rural Oregon residents - Clint Krebs, Ione; native American tribes - Ken Hall, Pendleton; wolf conservationists - Nancy Weiss, Ashland.

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