Money for the city and the proposed ATV ordinance topped the agenda Monday, Nov. 18, during the Enterprise City Council meeting.

Water and sewer rates can be expected to rise next year but how much and when remains to be decided after the council tabled a resolution on the matter until information can be collected on cost increases to the city. City officials agreed that when they have the data on costs increases the city is incurring, they could soothe public objections more readily.

The city has, in the past, implemented rate hikes to the two utilities so they don’t hit at the same time, implementing one in July and the other in January. City Recorder Lacey McQuead and the council members agreed they wanted to avoid changing that and upsetting the public.

“We’re going to have a lot of pissed-off people if we do this,” Councilman Chris Pritchard said.

McQuead said the funds are doing OK, but it’s more that there are continued cost increases for each department, specifically power and water test/sample costs. She said the city must charge accordingly or end up going into the red. She said she could support a delay in raising water rates but not sewer rates.

“We don’t want to go into the hole,” she said.

The council also reviewed public input from the Nov. 6 town hall the city held on the proposed ATV ordinance.

With only four members of the public attending and two different letters received, officials were disappointed with the turnout.

McQuead wondered if, as a result, the city should expend further time and expense on the proposed resolution.

Councilman David Elliot said he wanted to see a new ordinance ensure the same rules apply to all.

“That’s what I want to see is the same rules for everyone,” he said.

Councilman Bruce Bliven asked McQuead if the new ordinance adequately protects the city from liability claims. McQuead said she would check with the city attorney on that.

Changes or clarifications to be added to the proposed ordinance include allowing only licensed drivers 16 and older to ride ATVs within city limits, requiring helmets for drivers and passengers younger than 18 and to include golf carts or similar electric vehicles in the ordinance.

The revised ordinance will be presented for the council’s review at its next meeting Dec. 9.

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