The ribbons awarded in the 4-H division of the 2006 Wallowa County Fair are listed below.

Record Books - Junior: Champion, Cody Arbogast, Cody; Reserve Champion, Silje Christoffersen. Blue: Zach Cherry, Rebecca Cummins, Dylan Denton, Bailey Dutcher, Madison Frye, Desiree Garrick, Shelby Graning, Morgan Green, Brooke Greenshields, Damon Greenshields, Cody Hopkins, Emily Ketscher, Sarah Kunkle, Trevor Lewis, Casey Marino, Myranda McFetridge, McKenna Miller, Hayley Riggs, Karlee Riggs, Whitney Schaefer, Baylee Shelton, Stephanie Simpson, Landra Skovlin, Matthew Staigle, Elsa Steen, BJ Warnock, Cole Warnock, Tyrel Warnock, Wyatt Warnock, Bailey Wearin, Bretta Wentz, Kylie Willis, Olivia Woods, Jordan Wulff. Red: Shai Allen-Young, Sidney Cooney, Gabby Ellis, Suzy Ellis, Makayla Frei, Erik Hogg, Dustin McDaniel, Kaylee Neal, David Ribich, Spencer Shelton, Marta Stangel, Trevor Wentz; White: Lily Fiegel, Angel Locke.

Intermediate: CH, Paige Bailey; RC Sarah Butterfield. Blue: Heather Bruce, Shelby Harshman, Kyle Hogg, Kathryn Kemp, Alex McCadden, Ashley Morehouse, Nicole Parks, Jessica Seiber, Kyle Stangel, Malinda Tienhaara, Shelby Tienhaara, Ayesha Wortman. Red: Bethany Bemrose, Jessica Bruha, Stephanie Gross, Sierra Hopkins, Emily Howerton, Elise Jablonski, Casey King, Josey Kohlhepp, Meagan McKenzie, Kylie Quinby, Tyzick Rivera, McKenzie Shelton, Tyler Soares, Joscelyn Stangel, Mickey Stenkamp, BoDean Warnock, Skyler Willis, Tiffany Zollman. White: Madison Ribich, Jesse Kohlhepp, Kacie Young.

Senior: CH, Tricia Kunkle; RC Rayanna Mitchell. Blue: Bevy Bemrose, Sara Freels, Monique McKenzie, Christina Montgomery, Tanner Shelton, Samantha Silveira, Madeline Smith, Lelia Wortman. Red: Dominique Cherry, Trevor DeVore, Justin King, Kip Krebs, Tessa Kuppinger, Brittany Mayton, Kyle Neal, Mitchell Shelton, Victoria Silveira, Olivia Soares, Megan Yost. White: Zach Lathrop.

Resume Records - Blue: Riley Wortman, Rochelle Wortman.

Reporter Book - Blue: Kyle Neal. Secretary Book - CH, Ayesha Wortman, Red: Monique McKenzie.

Art, Stencil/Print/Stamp: CH, Gabby Ellis; RC, Suzy Ellis. Blue: Tyrel Warnock. Red: BoDean Warnock. Non-Orig Art - CH, Gabby Ellis; RC, Tyrel Warnock. Blue, S. Ellis.

Photography - B&W: champion,, Elise Jablonski and Rochelle Wortman. Red: E. Jablonski. Color CH, Dakota Jenkins (2) and Rochelle Wortman. Blue: Alison Curry, D. Jenkins, E. Jablonski.

Fiber Arts - CH, Cole Warnock and Wyatt Warnock; RC, Wyatt Warnock and Cole Warnock.

Clothing and Textiles - Basic, yr1, garment w/casing Red: Christina Matthews. Beyond yr1, garment w/o casing CH, Morgan Green. Advanced, garment/outfit woven w/ or w/o nap, Red: A. Curry.

Knitting - Phase 1, non-wearable item, CH, Suzy Ellis; RC, Gabby Ellis. Crocheting, Phase 6, non-wearable item, CH, Alison Curry. Hands for larger service, CH, Alison Curry.

Foods - Phase 1-3, Cookies (bar, drop, or no bake), Blue: Stephanie George (2). Phase 4-5, Shortened Cakes, CH, Sierra Hopkins. Phase 4-6, Yeast Breads, using bread machine, Blue: Joscelyn Stangel. Phase 7-9, Yeast Breads - CH, Katrina Anderson, RC, Alison Curry. Favorite Recipe Collection, Red: S. George.

Vegetable Exhibits - RC, Riley Wortman. Blue: R. Wortman (2). Cut Flowers Blue: Riley Wortman. Container Gardening - CH, Riley Wortman; Blue: R. Wortman.

Beef - Angus: CH, Myranda McFetridge. Market Steers, Grand Champion: Myranda McFetridge; Reserve Grand Champion, BJ Warnock; RC, Lelia Wortman; Blue: Sam Cummings, Jaymes Butterfield, Kip Krebs; Red: Tyrel Warnock, Trevor DeVore.

Beef Showmanship - 1st Year Junior:, CH: Sam Cummings. Junior CH: Tyrel Warnock; RCH: BJ Warnock; Blue: Myranda McFetridge. Intermediate CH: Jaymes Butterfield. Senior CH: Lelia Wortman; RC: Trevor DeVore. Blue: Kip Krebs.

Meat Animal Livestock Judging Contest - Junior: CH, Cody Arbogast; RC, Silje Christoffersen. Blue: Makayla Frei, Shelby Graning, Brooke Greenshields, Damon Greenshields, Casey Marino, Myranda McFetridge, David Ribich, Karlee Riggs, Whitney Schaefer, Baylee Shelton, Marta Stangel, BJ Warnock, Wyatt Warnock, Bretta Wentz. Red: Shai Allen-Young, Dylan Denton, Desiree Garrick, Cody Hopkins, Emily Ketscher, Trevor Lewis, McKenna Miller, Hayley Riggs, Spencer Shelton, Stephanie Simpson, Matt Staigle, Holly Taylor, Noel Taylor, Tyrel Warnock, Trevor Wentz, Olivia Woods, Jordan Wulff. White: Conner Boucher, Zach Cherry, Erik Hogg.

Intermediate: CH, Ashley Morehouse; RC, Meagan McKenzie. Blue: Heather Bruce, Alex McCadden, Skyler Willis. Red: Jaymes Butterfield, Kyle Hogg, Sierra Hopkins, Kylie Quinby, Madison Ribich, McKenzie Shelton, Kyle Stangel, Mickey Stenkamp, Kacie Young.

Senior: CH, Trevor DeVore; RC, Riley Wortman. Blue: Katrina Anderson, Tricia Kunkle, Brittany Mayton, Kyle Neal, Jeffrey Snyder; Red: Dominique Cherry, Justin King.

Sheep Showmanship - 1st Year Junior: CH, Trevor Wentz; RC, Sarah Kunkle. Blue: Madison Frye, Emily Ketscher, Spencer Shelton, Holly Taylor, Noel Taylor, Wyatt Warnock, Kacie Young. Junior CH, Shelby Graning; RC, Baylee Shelton. Blue: Zach Cherry, Makayla Frei, Casey Marino, Dustin McDaniel, Whitney Schaefer, Bretta Wentz. Intermediate: CH, Alex McCadden; RC, Andrew Wilson. Blue: Tyler Harshfield, Jesse Kohlhepp, Meagan McKenzie, Ashley Morehouse. Red: Josey Kohlhepp, McKenzie Shelton, Rochelle Wortman, Kacie Young. Senior: CH, Tricia Kunkle; RC, Rayanna Mitchell. Blue: Dominique Cherry, Zachary Lathrop, Brittany Mayton, Monique McKenzie, Mitchell Shelton, Tanner Shelton, Riley Wortman.

Sheep Breeding- Classes: Suffolk, Ch. (Yearling ewe) Riley Wortman; (Spring Ewe lamb) Blue: Riley Wortman. Crossbred (Spring Ewe Lamb) Blue: Alex McCadden, Rayanna Mitchell, Whitney Schaefer. Red: Emily Ketscher, Rochelle Wortman.

Market Lamb - GC, Shelby Graning; RGCH Whitney Schaefer. CH, Alex McCadden and Andrew Wilson; RC: Madison Frye, Baylee Shelton, McKenzie Shelton, Trevor Wentz. Blue: Shai Allen-Young, Dominique Cherry, Zach Cherry, Makayla Frei, Tyler Harshfield, Emily Ketscher, Jesse Kohlhepp, Sarah Kunkle, Tricia Kunkle, Zachary Lathrop, Brittany Mayton, Meagan McKenzie, Monique McKenzie, Rayanna Mitchell, Ashley Morehouse, Mitchell Shelton, Spencer Shelton, Tanner Shelton, Holly Taylor, Noel Taylor, Wyatt Warnock, Bretta Wentz, Riley Wortman, Rochelle Wortman. Red: Josey Kohlhepp, Casey Marino, Dustin McDaniel, Kacie Young.

Swine Showmanship - 1st Yr Junior CH, Morgan Waters; RC, David Ribich. Blue: Conner Boucher, Dylan Denton, Damon Greenshields, Erik Hogg, Cody Hopkins, McKenna Miller, Hayley Riggs, Matthew Staigle. Junior CH, Skylar Waters; RC, Stephanie Simpson. Blue: Cody Arbogast, Silje Christoffersen, Desiree Garrick, Brooke Greenshields, Trevor Lewis, Kaylee Neal, Karlee Riggs, Dakoda Shadle, Marta Stangel, Riley Steen, Jordan Wulff. Intermediate CH, Ayesha Wortman; RC, Skyler Willis. Blue: Kyle Hogg, Sierra Hopkins, Casey King, Trent Martin, Kylie Quinby, Madison Ribich, Tyzick Rivera, Tyler Soares, Mickey Stenkamp, Chance Waters. Senior CH, K.C. Kunkle; RC, Olivia Soares. Blue: Justin King, Kyle Neal, Samantha Silveira, Victoria Silveira, Jeffrey Snyder.

4-H Market Hog - Grand Champion, Karlee Riggs; Reserve Grand Champion, Morgan Waters. Champions: Cody Arbogast, Hayley Riggs, Jordan Wulff; RC: Damon Greenshields, K.C. Kunkle, McKenna Miller, David Ribich, Chance Waters. Blue: Conner Boucher, Silje Christoffersen, Dylan Denton, Desiree Garrick, Brooke Greenshields, Cody Hopkins, Casey King, Justin King, Trevor Lewis, Trent Martin, Kyle Neal, Kylie Quinby, Madison Ribich, Tyzick Rivera, Dakoda Shadle, Samantha Silveira, Victoria Silveira, Stephanie Simpson, Jeffrey Snyder, Olivia Soares, Tyler Soares, Matthew Staigle, Marta Stangel, Riley Steen, Skylar Waters, Skyler Willis, Ayesha Wortman. Red: Erik Hogg, Kyle Hogg, Mickey Stenkamp.

Feeder Hog - Blue: Sierra Hopkins, Kaylee Neal.

4-H Goats - Dairy: Showmanship, Junior, CH, Olivia Woods. Alpine-Junior Wether Kid, Blue: Olivia Woods. Junior Doe Kid, Red: Olivia Woods. Dry Yearling Doe, CH, Olivia Woods. Mature Doe, Blue: Olivia Woods. 4-H Member's Dairy Goat Herd, Blue: Olivia Woods. Mature Doe with Production Records, Blue: Kade Bartlett.

4-H Poultry - Bantam-Hen, Blue: Riley Wortman (2), Rochelle Wortman; Red: Rochelle Wortman. Cock, CH, Riley Wortman; RC: Riley Wortman. Pullet, Blue: Riley Wortman (2). Cockerel, Blue: Riley Wortman (2). Duck, Young Female, Blue: Riley Wortman (2). Young Male, Blue: Riley Wortman; Red: Riley Wortman. Old Female, Blue: Riley Wortman (2). Old Male, Blue: Riley Wortman (2).

Poultry Showmanship - Intermediate, Blue: Rochelle Wortman. Senior, Blue: Riley Wortman. Duck Showmanship - Blue, Riley Wortman.

Rabbits - Senior Doe, CH, Riley Wortman. Red: Riley Wortman, Rochelle Wortman. Senior Buck, RC, Rochelle Wortman.

Rabbit Showmanship - Intermediate Blue: Rochelle Wortman. Senior, Blue: Riley Wortman.

Educational Display -Animal Science, Blue: Riley Wortman.

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